02 October 2007

Advice Needed on Frivolous Topic

Friends, I need some help. For the past few years, I have been using whatever facial moisturizer that my mother-in-law sent me. John had lots of trouble with his skin when he was sick, and she was always sending fancy skincare stuff to our house. Being lazy and cheap, I just used the stuff she sent and it all worked out OK. I'm finally out of moisturizer, though, and have been for the past two weeks. My skin is all dry and itchy and gross, but I'm overwhelmed by the choices when I look online or go to the drugstore. Any advice?

My skin is very sensitive and tends to be dry, but I am also prone to breakouts. I'd prefer something with SPF and something that I can use for day and night. If I can buy it at the local drugstore, all the better, but if it's available online, that's fine, too.

Hit me with your best shot.


django's mommy said...

I have that awesome dry but oily and prone to breakouts skin, too. I just use an Olay moisturizer- it's SPF 15... I think it's called Olay Complete or something like that?

Lucky said...

This is not a frivolous topic to me. I have struggled with adult acne until I finally gave in to Accutane in my mid 20s. Then I got pregnant and looked like pizza head until I stopped nursing. However, an extremely gentle product is anything by philosophy. Sorry...not at a drugstore. At Sephora.com or any sephora store. http://www.philosophy.com/web/store/prod_makeup-optional-skin-dry-skin____24011_23503
This is just to show you...but all you need from this kit is "purity made simple" and "hope in a jar."
One bottle or jar lasts forever.

Caustic Cupcake said...

I don't think it's SPF rated, but I like Vaseline's Aloe Cool and Fresh because it's light and doesn't make me break out, plus it's cheap and you can buy it anywhere.

lct said...

Like you, I have sensitive skin and don't like products with heavy scents, etc. For years, I've been using a Neutrogena moisturizer that has no dyes/perfumes but does have SPF 15. It's light and non greasy. They have a couple variations to choose from, but watch out for other "face lotion" products that have those stinging alpha hydroxy things. The price for the moisturizer has gone up to about $9-10 per bottle, but it's relatively cheap and available at any drugstore. In general, I like Neutrogena products. B uses Aveda, which is quite nice but has no suncreen.

Kristin said...

I'm no expert, but I use Cetaphil, both their cleanser and their facial moisturizer with spf 15. Can buy it at any drugstore. I don't get acne from it, so I consider my skincare regimen a success.

Snickollet said...


I hate the alpha/hydroxy stuff. Ooh, how it burns! Yuck.


ajp said...

My skin is also very prone to break-outs. I use Purpose lotion (I buy it at Target) and it's non-greasy and has SPF 15 built into it. I love it!

Jenn said...

Clinique's daily moisturizer (I think that's what it's called, it's yellow) works well for me without causing breakouts. My skin is very dry but also very sensitive.

Amber said...

I have really fussy skin, sensitive, prone to hives/breakouts/etc. I'm also 35. I have found the perfect SPF moisturizer, the only one that doesn't break me out/leave a white sheen/leave my face greasy. It is fine under makeup or without, and it's gentle enough that I use it on my kids (even my two year old). It's also only $13.99 for 2.5 oz (one tube is enough for months and months). Joesoef Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30. Here's the Amazon Link Here's the link to the brand website. I've tried soooo many things -- drugstore, specialty brands, and I can't stop raving about this product. And yes, that is my glowing review on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I use Aveeno face cream, little pump bottle, I buy it just about anywhere, no breakouts, not greasy and has spf I think of 15, very light not a heavy lotion when I put it on, I've also used a few of the Clinque products but I so seldom go to the mall, and I like the Neutrogena that another person mentioned...I've never been prone to breakouts or acne so the stuff at the grocery store has always sufficed.

Good luck:)

apricot said...

I second the Neutrogena with SPF 15. I've been using it for years--it's light, scentless, and good for sensitive skin. It's also easy to get at any drugstore.

buttercup649 said...

I use the Olay spf 30 complete moisturizer and it doesn't make me feel greasy. My sister is prone to breakouts and has been using the cetaphil for a while and really likes that...

OTRgirl said...

I agree about Olay Complete. I use the 45 SPF (LOVE the California relentless sun...). I wouldn't use it for day and night though. If I leave it on, I break out a bit. However, I break our FAR less than I did with Neutrogena or even the Mary Kay SPF 15 moisturizer.

For night I use Mary Kay Timewise moisturizer (you can find a rep on line).

I might have to check out amber's suggestion though...

Joy said...

I too can't tolerate alpha hydroxy (which I think is a fancy name for "battery acid.") I second the vote for Purpose. The dermatologist recommended it when I was in my twenties and I have used it ever since. That's why I'm 44 but don't look a day over 43. Drugstore availability, sunscreen, doesn't irritate my incredibly fussy skin.

ccinnkeeper said...

It doesn't have SPF but I love Curel - the original formula. It's light, non-greasy and available in drugstores everywhere. I've been using it since my early 30's and am still a fan of it more than 10 years later.

When I use sunscreen on my face, even the lightest, most hypo-allergenic formulas, I find my skin starts to feel a bit tingly after a few hours and I have to wash it off. That's why I've never tried a moisturizer with it.

I also have severely itchy dry skin in the winter, I've developed a homemade formula using Curel as a base that solves the problem. If you want the recipe you can email me at janloew@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog.

Katie said...

I love Clinique's dramatically different moisterizer. Can't get it at the drug store, but it's not terribly expensive. And I agree that it's not a frivolous topic. Dry skin is no fun.

Jolene said...

You have so many choices already I won't add mine to the list. Just wanted to say this is SO not a frivolous topic! Good luck and let us know what you fall in love with.

Anonymous said...

I like all the Cetaphil products, they are very gentle. However, I have really liked the Dove daily moisturizer with SPF in it lately. I have had no luck with Olay products. I have heard good things about the philosophy products too.

Kathy said...

I have very dry sensitive skin as well. For my body, I use Aveeno Positively Radiant. It works really well and lasts a while AND has some sort of shimmer in it that you can't see on the skin (but you can see on your nails after you use) that makes my skin look really lovely. At times, I feel that I should insure my legs for 1 million dollars. Its. That. Good.

For my face, I SWEAR by Kiels. I have been using their unscented facial moisturizer for years and wouldn't dream of using anything else. It has a high SPF in it as well. Its not as cheap as other stuff out there, but I use so little of it that a bottle of it lasts me months.

Lisa said...

I third neutrogena moisterizer with spf 15. (And yes, alpha hydroxy is battery acid for sure.)

I'm trying this crazy thing now. I started using AcneFree by university medical which is the cheap knock off of proactiv. But after a week, it was eating my skin alive. So now I use it about three or four times a week, and use neutrogena products all the other days. This seems to be the best balance for me between controlling acne and having skin that isn't turning into a desert.

glove said...

I use Olay, complete defense I think. It's the one that's 30SPF. The regular cheaper Olay makes me break out (that one's only 15 SPF), but the 30 SPF works great.

B.E.C.K. said...

Olay with SPF 15. I get it at Wal-mart. :-)

Duncan said...

Olay with SPF 30. At CVS. Every day for the past 10 years, no breakouts!

Anonymous said...

Dry sensitive skin chiming in here with Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily moisturizer with SPF 15..Love it!! walmart, target, CVS all the main chains carry it and I've never had a breakout nor did it cause my eyes to burn which often happens when I try a new moisturizer (I used to only buy what was on sale) Anyway, good luck!

Kristen said...

I second the Philosophy recommendation. I use hope in a jar for dry/sensitive skin and I love it. It's a little on the expensive side, but it's your face. It's worth it!

Elaine said...

Neutrogena ROCKS

Sarah said...

It sounds like you have combination skin, like me (meaning that it's dry in some places and oily in others). Did you know that flaky skin is a sign of sensitive skin, not dry skin?

I've been using Olay Complete (SPF 15)-they make a formula for sensitive skin, as well. It does have a bit of a scent, but not too bad. I can get it at walgreens and CVS. On humid days it feels a little bit oily, but I'm not getting any more break-outs than I did before I started using it.

Eliza said...

Another vote for Olay Complete. I love that stuff. Not too perfume-y, not too greasy, and has some SPF in it (only 15, though, and personally I'd prefer more but the only one I've found with more is Neutrogena, the one with retin-A AND salicylic acid, and sadly it made me break out like crazy when I tried it, much to my chagrin since I'd just spent a LOT of money, by my standards, on the stuff--want me to mail it to ya?).

Candy said...

I got a catalog in the mail from a company, along with several small samples. I love getting samples! so I tried it. And fell in love with their products.

The company is called DHC Skincare, and it's solely sold on line I think. Here's a link if you're interested. http://www.dhccare.com/dhc/skincareinfo/customer_spot.aspx

What I love is that it's olive oil based and very natural. And every month they send a catalog with free samples inside, and with every order you can ask for more samples of things you haven't tried. So you never have to go sight unseen, or face unwashed as the case may be. The Rosemary-Olive Oil wash is heavenly.

Anonymous said...

your skin sounds like mine. I've been using this for years and nothing compares to it (IMHO).

Bobbie Brown Protective Face Lotion SPF 15

Can buy it at Macy's in Burlington Mall or online apparently.


kim said...

Another Neutrogena user here! Love the SPF and I always buy the lightly tinted version - works great as a simple, light foundation under my makeup!

Jenn said...

Depending on how much I'm going to be outside, I either use Dove dry skin moisturizer with SPF 15 or Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF 45 (and Helioplex, whatever that is). I tried Olay, but the smell drove me batty.

Suzanne said...

I love Kiehl's - ultra facial moisturizer, they have a version with sunscreen. They also have an oil free moisturizer but I don't think it comes with sunscreen. They have samples of just about every product so find a local retailer and just get samples and see if you like it before buying.

uwsparent said...

I love Kiehl's moisturizing lotion with SPF. It's pricey but last a looong time. When I am feeling more frugal I use the Oil of Olay for sensitive skin with SPF - very little difference between to two on my skin at least.

Inkling said...

I live by Aveda's Tourmaline SPF Oil-Free moisturizer by day (found at any Aveda salon or store), and Garnier's Pure and/or Soft lines by night. I think Garnier just recently started carrying some of their skincare in the States, but I know it's available at any drugstore in Canada or online from England. I found it back when my sensitive skin was breaking out like crazy, and I didn't want to do a second stint on accutane. I swear by it now.

Anonymous said...

Philosphy for sure! They are a great company that gives back and their products are the best! But, don't stop at lotion -- check out their shower/bath products too!


Christine said...

I use Target brand moisturizer with SPF 15 for sensitive skin -- the generic version of Olay. Never had a prob with breakouts. I also like the Aveeno line of products very much.

Anonymous said...

I also have very sensitive skin. I'm freckled, I burn easily, most skincare products cause my face to dry up and swell.
I use Murad Perfecting Day Cream with spf 30 (www.murad.com). It's pricey, but a tube lasts me about 6 months and it has been perfect with my skin.

Kimberly said...

Another Neutrogena SPF 15 fan here!

Nessa said...

Anything by Oil of Olay. I have the same problems w/ my skin. I use the sensitive-oil-free-spf version day and night and it works wonders. Good for summer and winter, no need to do two different kinds

spare teeth said...

I use Marcelle oil-free multi-defence lotion, SPF 15, for my face/neck. Have used it for about... at least 5 years. I am super prone to break outs (have been on accutane twice) and find Marcelle nice and light. For body moisture, I also am a fan of Curel.

Wendy Power said...

Everyone loves their own line, I'm sure. I go to www.paulaschoice.com and buy her's. She wrote those "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" books and tells it like it is. The reviews are good - check those out, at least.

You don't want to wear stuff with SPF at night because you don't need SPF at night, and it can irritate your skin. I am a wee delicate flower and not only do I not have problems with her line, it makes my face happy.

uberimma said...

Target brand baby lotion. It costs a buck for a big pink bottle. Works fine, but granted, I'm not so picky.

Alice said...

I've gone from Chanel-Clinique-Shishedo. And now that I'm in my early 40s I realize expensive doesn't mean better. I picked up some Oil of Olay today at CVS (it's on sale). It is really wonderful and the best I've used...

So I'm endorsing Oil of Olay like so many others. Cetaphil Cleanser or just plain water is great for cleaning your skin though.


amy said...

I use Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer and am very pleased with it. It has a tint of bronzer in it that builds as you use it, which is awesome for me since my skin is paler than the box I'm tying in right now while the rest of my skin is olive-toned.

I buy it at Shoppers Drugmart.

Anonymous said...

light and lovely.
just get it.

Anonymous said...

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF 15
...with alpha-hydroxy
I looove it and it does miracles for my skin!

Who am I? said...

Not a frivolous topic. I have combination skin and I have tried EVERYTHING, even the much touted La Mer line for dry and combination skin - all the way down to the reasonably priced Oil of Olay products. If what matters most to you is the medical aspect, then whatever you choose should contain a sunscreen that does not irritate your skin. That is number one...
If anti-aging matters to you, the most important thing is consistency. Choose something that smells good, feels good, and has a good finish - which is to say does not leave you feeling too greasy or too shiny - or too dry - and stick with it. If money were no object, I would use La Prairie products from start to finish. The first time I used the time release moisturizer, I felt like I had the skin of a four year old. I was in love. I still am, a little bit. But the line is crazy expensive, and I can't do afford it with any consistency. In its place. I found that Cetaphil cleanser is a great, and philosophy's Hope in a Jar - while not as inexpensice as Neutrogena or Oil of Olay - gives good results, which to me means good moisture without a greasy feel or finish. I also like Perricone's moisturizer - it's expensive, yes, but the finish is similar to La Prairie and at $60 an ounce, it is good stuff. (La Prairie's daily moisturizer retails for $125 an ounce... ouch.)
Having said all that, get out there and ask for samples. Good vendors will offer them and they know that everyone is different and shoudl not have to commit to an expensive product without a good trial first.

As long as you get the spf in there, what matters is smell, feel, and finish. Can you tell I have a bit of an over-interest in this topic? You should see my medicine cabinet... ee gads, it's crazy. Good luck!

Olivia said...

another vote for the philosophy line here. i swear by purity made simple year-round paired with hope in a jar in the winter and the present in the summer. i have dry skin that's prone to breakouts, too... i'm pregnant right now and my face is a mess. i've added in on a clear day wash in the morning and it's really gotten things under control again.

good luck! you've got a lot of info sitting here for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Your skin sounds just like mine! I have tried five dollar products and 100+ dollar products, but the best for my skin has been this: http://www.olay.com/boutique/regenerist/products/re1012.

It makes my skin feel great, it soothes, it helps my foundation smooth out nicely, and I have never had a break out with it. Plus, the price is very reasonable, so I basically see it as my miracle product. The Regenerist line is really just wonderful. Try it!

Amy said...

Oil of Olay, Total Effects and an RX of Stievamycin in my bathroom. RX relatively cheap here in Canada and has all the benefits of the pricey over the counter retinol products.

Until I hit 37 I had a clear complexion. Then puberty apparently hit ;)

Veronica said...

I have no idea, but from reading your comments I am going to have to try Oil of Olay.

Without you I would still be clueless. Frivolous? Pffft.

Anonymous said...

Philosophy's Hope In A Jar!!! It's the best moisturizer I've ever tried, and I tried a lot before landing on this one. It's more expensive than drugstore brands, but it feels so much nicer on your face. For real. So worth it. Neutrogena is a good second runner up.

lct said...

I looked at the Neutrogena bottle. The specific one I use is called "Oil Free Moisturizer" with SPF 15, if you want to look for it.

Tiffany said...

I use Alba, it is an organic lotion with alchol or mineral oil. Mineral oil is one thing to look out for when buying lotion. Mineral oil, make the lotion feel good at first but it ends up drying your skin out so you need more - good way to keep you buying the product. Alchol does the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

Emma B. said...

I'm another Curel fan -- I have very dry skin, although it's not terribly sensitive, and it works better than any of the spendy moisturizers I've tried. I actually considered using straight vaseline for a while, until I read Amalah's ode to the virtues of Curel.

As far as the breakout thing, I worried about that with the Curel too, but I've had no such trouble. Amalah swears that under-moisturizing actually encourages more breakouts, as your skin tries to over-compensate. I don't know how true that is, but my skin has never looked better since I started with the Curel.

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