10 May 2007

His Ears, They Burn

Well, folks, Christopher Kimball must have heard me blogging about him. Today I had his "Letter from Vermont" in my inbox. In one of my previous Kimball postings, Julie had referenced receiving it, and I was feeling relieved yet oddly left out that I had not been among the chosen.

Alas. I could not keep from reading even though I knew the letter would drive me nuts. Christopher is like crack! So bad for me, yet somehow irresistible!

I was going to post the most irritating sentence out of the whole newsletter for you to enjoy, but every sentence was irritating. Instead, why don't you go check out photos of his family's maple sugaring operation? Or better yet, a short movie on the subject, narrated by CK himself. Go go go! I dare ya.

Memo to self: take the recommendations of some wise women (you know who you are) and check out Fine Cooking.


Yankee T said...

You're still crackin' me up with this guy!

L. said...

Ha! I live in VT and your earlier posts about CK cracked me up because, yeah. It can be a great place to live and sometimes it is a bit of a cliche, in a good way--but his letters are so over-the-top, and overachieving too. That most recent one about the maple syrup was a real gem even for him.

But I still love Cook's Ill. and their anal-retentive instructions.

Oh, and I made that Asian noodle dish with tofu. I think you asked about that. I used a technique I'd read about elsewhere--froze the tofu, then unfroze and crumbled it--that way it acts sort of like ground meat. Pretty good stuff!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I think CK is Martha Stewart in drag. C'mon, you know she'd wear a bow tie if she were a guy.

Olivia said...

i was so going to say that -- he's the male version of martha stewart!

Mrs. EdK said...

I am addicted to America's Test Kitchens -- I think I'm just a sucker for Kimball's Yankee act. We don't really have people like that in Chicago. We certainly don't have people who are that skinny.

BTW, the Indian curry recipe in the newest edition of Cook's Illustrated really rocks.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I confess that I have no idea who Christopher Kimball is, but I guess I am going to have to find out.

Snickollet said...

Mrs. EDK--

I've been wanting to try that recipe. It looks divine. Glad to know it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Must have been th emost excruciatingly boringly earnest photo essay I have ever seen. I wonder if her wore his bow tie while sugaring? I do love the mag, however. But god I hate his essays.