08 March 2007

Pleasant Change: Too Much Cuteness!

All the way home from work tonight (which really isn't all that far, but still) I had the blahs. I felt nauseous for some reason, and ambivalent about the weekend. On one hand, yay! Weekend! On the other hand, boo! Visitor in the house!

Once I got home, though, things started turning around.

First of all, my father-in-law postponed his visit. Due to a snafu at work, he's coming in two weeks instead. I realize this is just a reprieve from the inevitable, but I'll take it.

And then a really, really awesome thing happened. GH and I were playing with the babies after their dinner and before it was time to get them ready for bed. They were both standing at their activity table, with me behind Riley in case of collapse and GH behind Maddie. All of a sudden, the two of them turned to each other and smiled and started to laugh and babble. They were reaching for each other and ended up giving each other a hug! It was too cute. I wish I could have gotten it on camera. Instead, I will use it as an excuse to post other photos as evidence of their cuteness.

I am no longer feeling nauseous, praise be. It was a good excuse to drink some 7-Up, the best lemon-lime soda there is. GH had randomly bought some; we basically never keep soda in the house because I love it and it is too dangerous to have around. But upset stomachs and 7-Up go hand-in-hand, so I took my queasiness as license to drink as much as I wanted.* MMM.

I'm also going to take the queasiness as a sign that I need to go to bed early. A quiet evening of reading in bed sounds like an ideal way to end the day to me.

One last thing: thanks to all of you for your supportive comments about the wretched things my in-laws have said of late. I've got a post coming about all that, but your comments have really helped me get some perspective and support. I don't mean to get all cheesy and sentimental, but having a place where I can let it all hang out and know that I'll get validated is a lifesaver for me.

* So about that cutting back on sugar thing . . . it's been going OK, but not great. I've been working on making better choices rather than going cold turkey, and some days are better than others. All of the snack suggestions I got were really helpful, though, in getting me out of the nuts, cheese, and yogurt rut.


halfmama said...

TOO much cuteness is right. They are gorgeous little cherubs! The twin hugs are absolutely some of the best moments you can witness.

Glad you are going to get some peace and quiet this weekend. :)

Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh teh cuteness!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you have a restful weekend.

OTRgirl said...

SO glad you got a reprieve. Hello?! "I'm going to visit my son with cancer and their babies so I can rest"? What?? I know it's the "Korean Way" (parents are ALWAYS first), but that's crazy talk.

I love how different Riley and Maddie are from each other. It enhances the cute factor somehow.

bg's Little Sis said...

Beautiful babies! Beautiful Family! Glad you're getting a reprieve this weekend, yeah for you on that and on the lower sugar stuff:)

Pantheist Mom said...

Wow - they are CUTE!!!! And that is from an unbiased observer.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend...no visitors allowed.

Amy said...

I'm reading in hindsight but nodding my head. Your MIL is almost too much to bear at any time let alone this one. I feel for her but mostly for YOU.

Your children are adorable. And as a mom of twins I can relate to the early months and what you both went through surviving that (never mind the cancer diagnosis and treatment).

You are such a strong woman. You are. And don't you forget it. In your weakest moments remember you are dealing with far more than most our age are.

I wish you continued strength and health and happiness to your children.