08 March 2007

More Not OK, Although Not As Bad

My father-in-law is visiting this weekend, just Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. My mother-in-law is wisely staying home. Whew. I think we all need a little (a lot?) more time before she comes to Boston again.

So yesterday I call my brother-in-law, who lives at home with the in-laws, to congratulate him on finding a job. (He just finished law school.) I leave him a message. He calls back and leaves me a message saying thanks, and oh, by the way, Dad had a really hard week this week so could you be sure he gets plenty of rest and good food while he's visiting you? Be sure to take good care of him, OK?

I have to say, my caretaking priorities are as follows: me, GH, Maddie, and Riley tie for first. Everyone else is a distant second, third, fourth, fifth . . . If my father-in-law needs to rest, he's coming to the wrong place.

People just don't get it. They really don't.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Totally ridiculous. This one you just have to ignore.

bg's Little Sis said...

I've come to learn that unless they've been there, it's so tough for others to "get it"....buffoons!

Keep the faith sister!

DoctorMama said...

Wait a minute -- HE lives with them? But YOU'RE supposed to take care of him?

How did your husband manage not to absorb this attitude growing up in the same household, I wonder? Or did you reeducate him?

buddha_girl said...

I'm here by my Lil Sis. She raved about your noodle recipe.

Between you and me, though, I think she likes you a whole lot more than those noodles. She digs ya!

Your mother in law....heck, your inlaws in general need a check with reality. Send 'em to Virginia. I'll set 'em straight.

Snickollet said...

Buddha Girl--

Thanks for stopping by. I need to head over your way. It's been a while!

Be careful what you offer. A large package containing two sixty-something Koreans might just show up on your doorstep in Virginia :).

Hope you like the noodles as much as Li'l Sis and me.

Doctor Mama--

My husband is constantly wondering how he came out of his crazy family. It's a mystery, that's for sure. There was no reeducation done on my part.

halfmama said...

Oh boy. I take back my comment on getting a third party to run interference.

Hope you ALL get some rest this weekend and it's not too maddening. Good luck.

Fresh Hell, Texas said...

If I were more crafty, I'd cross stich you a sign for your front door that says:

If you are not on my taxes, I'm not reponsible for you!

Rev Dr Mom said...

What is wrong with these people? Why aren't they offering to take care of you and GH?? (In a way that really would be helpful, too...).

I'm sorry you have to put up with this on top of everything else.

Marie-Baguette said...

can't you call the FIL and tell him that he will not get any rest at your home? this is so incredibly ridiculous... I am sorry you are going though all this.