21 January 2007


It's 2:45 a.m. I just gave poor little Ri-Man a dose of Tylenol. I think that KLynn has it right: he's finally getting teeth. I tried to feel around in his mouth, which he hated, but I think I feel something on the lower right, and when I can get a peek in his mouth, it looks a little whitish in that same area. I can't believe that he might finally get his first tooth! GH and I have been telling him to remain toothless and bald for as long as possible because he's just so darn cute that way. My consolation is that I'm sure I'll find him just as cute with teeth and hair; it's just hard to imagine how he'll look.

I was so glad that I went to bed with a plan. Riley was not feverish and did not seem cranky/in pain at bedtime, so I didn't give him any Tylenol, just some Hylands tablets. But I had decided that if any time in the night he cried for ten minutes, I would go straight to a dose of Tylenol. At 2:30, he was up. I gave him the medicine and then rocked him back to sleep, which took all of about two minutes. I hope the Tylenol gives him a nice long stretch of sleep.

Rocking him felt so nice. I hadn't done that in a while. He snuggled up in my neck and put his little arms around me . . . I was tempted to just sleep in the glider with him, but I knew that I'd wake up cold and stiff and regretting it. Instead, I just loitered there for a few minutes, told him many times how much I love him, and soaked it all in.


Klynn said...

Yup. It's official. You're a mommy.


Hope you make it through the teething with more snuggles and less misery.

bg's Little Sis said...

teething, oh what fun.

The snuggling is great, the constant whine that the poor things have to bear stinks.