21 January 2007

Poor Little Man

Good news: Riley slept really well last night.

Bad news: He woke up cranky and never got over it. When we got home from running some errands this morning, he felt warm to me. Sure enough, he had a fever of 100.5°F. He got some Tylenol, stat, and now he's napping. He's been sleeping a lot today and I've been giving him tons of attention when he's awake, carrying him around, rocking him, etc. Poor little man! I'm cranky when I don't feel good, too.


Klynn said...

You gave him the teething tablets last night before bed right? Waking up at night (lately, if not last night), cranky, low grade fever...better check those gums, I have a sneaking suspicion that there's a tooth (or two) about to pop through. Hope that's all it is, and not some nasty bug to share.

Rachel said...

I'm glad he slept well last night, at least. Hope he feels better soon.

catnipper said...

Hope Riley feels better soon. It's so hard when they don't feel good and can't tell you!