10 January 2007

As Promised

Here I am, posting. But I have to admit that my heart's not in it tonight. GH started a new cancer treatment today and got home late and tired. I was on baby duty solo for most of the evening, which is fine except it makes me think about what it would be like if I was always on baby duty solo, and I don't like that very much. I did learn something as I was getting the kids ready for bed before GH got home: Maddie can hold her own bottle! I had her on propped up on a Boppy next to me while I was breastfeeding Riley, and I was all set to hold her bottle for her (for a variety of boring reasons, Maddie takes a bottle before bed while Riley gets boob, boob, and more boob). I put the bottle in her mouth, and she grabbed right onto it with her little hands and held it herself for the first four ounces. Wow! What a strong little girl!

Kids went to bed at 7:10, GH went to bed at 7:45. I've been taking care of some chores around the house, but I'm destined for bed soon myself.

On a random note, I really wish we had some chocolate/peanut butter ice cream in the house. MMM.


soralis said...

Congrats on the bottle holding.. won't be long now before you are chasing them both around the house.

Wishing your hubby the best with his new treatment.

Take care

bg's Little Sis said...

The ice-cream sounds yummy...the bottle holding is a great big step, good for her and you too.

Hoping the new treatment yields benefits for GH.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I remember the first day OD held her own bottle! I felt like a free woman, even though of course we love the holding/feeding process.
Good for her! And I hope GH tolerates this treatment not to horribly. I'm so sorry about all of that.

Menita said...

Hope things are not too rough for GH. For you...I wish ice-cream. Lots.