14 November 2006

Ode to the Mint/Chocolate Combo

Work has been busy today. I've actually been working, and pumping, and goofing off, all three! Hooray for me. And after work I have to drop my car off for an oil change, do the usual after work stuff (bottle washing, dinner cooking, baby playing, you know), and then go to a moms of twins meeting after Maddie and Riley go to bed, leaving me precious little time to blog save these five stolen minutes before my last pumping session of the day.

I give to you today, this fourteenth day of NaBloPoMo, an ode to the glory that is the mint/chocolate combo. I love mint and chocolate together all year round. I am particularly fond of York Peppermint Patties, the mini ones, and once did an "experiment" to see how many I had to eat before I got a stomach ache (13). One of the best things about the arrival of the holiday season is that mint and chocolate get a lot of love. I just today had my first Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Soon, the elusive Mint M&Ms will arrive in stores. Trader Joe's has a new cookie in stock, the Candy Cane Joe Joe, which may well be perfection in a cookie. And I was randomly at Cold Stone Creamery over the weekend and noted that they have a Dark Chocolate Peppermint ice cream available for the holiday season.

Oh, chocolate and mint how I love you! I hate winter, but I love chocolate and peppermint, yes, yes I do.


OTR sister said...

I just received this buy one, get one free coupon from Cold Stone Creamery. Very timely.


weigook saram said...

Not available at this time of year, but I love those Girl Scout thin mint cookies. I saw those cookies in the store at TJ's the other day. I'll have to try them.

ProudMary said...

The mint M&Ms are available at our Target store now. Better get them quick tho...I'm already on my third package of them!

I LOVE mint and chocolate together too, as if you didn't already guess.


Christine said...

Amen, sister! My favorite ice cream flavor is Friendly's mint chocolate chip. Mmmm, making me want some.

OTRgirl said...

I can walk to TJs, need a sugar fix, and you mention mint cookies!? Bad, bad Snickollet!