13 November 2006

It's all fun and games here at snickollet!

[Edited 11/14: An astute reader (more astute than me at 9:30pm) noticed that the company website is visible in the logo, giving a good hint as to what the mystery device might be. If any readers speak Korean, we might be able to solve this mystery stat.]

My mother-in-law just got back from an extended trip to Korea. She bought us a lot of
stuff while she was there, including a heat lamp of the type that considerate acupuncturists use to keep your feet warm during a treatment. I was all excited about this until I realized that it it designed to be used in Korea with Korean electricity. I know that we could buy a converter, but this is no hair dryer that I want to use in France. This thing is going to suck up a looooooot of energy. Seems like a converter would be a bad idea.

But I digress.

I promised a game and a game there shall be! And please let it be known that this is my second post of the day; I didn't think that whooping cough post counted.

So here's the game. It's a guessing game. This is one of the items that my mother-in-law sent us. We're not sure what it is and we haven't had a chance to talk to her about it and find out. Do any of you Internets know?

First, a front view of the device. It's about the size of a rolling file box:

Now a view of the interior with the lid off:

In case any of you speak Korean, here's a close-up of the control panel:

And finally, a close-up of the logo on the front of the device:

GH thinks it's some kind of foot bath. I think you cook something in it. What about you? Thoughts?


Pam said...

My first thought was a foot bath too. I actually went to their website (listed on the front of the product) and indeed it does look like people are sticking their feet into it. The pictures are a bit hard to see but it looks like the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea what it was with the lid on. With the lid off, it does look like a foot bath. But that character on the logo is throwing me off...what the heck is it?

bg's Little Sis said...

I have no clue by looking at it, the website looks like footbath I agree.

Can't wait to see the other gifts!

Iselyahna said...

If you surf around on their website it repeatedly says "A bath for foots." That's all I got.


(look at the menu)

deb said...

Could it be a paraffin bath? And the lid to keep the molten paraffin from getting gross? Did she give you some (as of yet) unidentified waxy rectangles of paraffin?

Melissa said...

yes, it's a foot bath. the front is in japanese, as is most of the control panel, but the korean bits (black on yellow) seem to indicate that this is indeed a foot cleansing device - with an adjustable thermostat, ooo la la!

although the above comment (from deb) re: the paraffin possibility was my first guess as well. i stayed in a korean aftercare centre for 2 weeks after I gave birth and those feet tubs/wax molds/vibrating pillows *abounded*. very nice, actually. :)