03 October 2006

Sniglar, My Bitch

GH and I went to IKEA on Monday to buy some stuff for the twins' room. One thing we got is a changing table.

You know how IKEA furniture has funny Scandinavian names? Our changing table is called "Sniglar."

I laughed when I read that on the box. I stopped laughing when I tried to put Sniglar together. I had not bought anything from IKEA for a while and I had forgotten how frustrating their pictographic directions can be.

It took me a while to show Sniglar who's boss. Upon tightening the last screw, I looked up at GH and proclaimed triumphantly, "Yo, Sniglar, you're my bitch!"

Then I started laughing again.

(Maybe you had to be there.)


Yankee, Transferred said...

laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is a warning against Ikea furniture ;) I can live with that. I adore their kitchen wares and bedding stuff...

Yes, I AM reading all of your archives.