12 July 2006


Today has been hard. I know it gets easier. But today has been hard. Long night last night (or short night, depending on how you look at it) means that I started the day out tired. A nice visit from friends lasted longer than it needed to and tired me out more. GH had chemo. Maddie threw up an entire feeding. I was annoyed by the sight of my dad taking a nap on our couch when I was stuck doing post throw-up feeding. It's raining, so I couldn't get out of the house on a walk.

Mostly I'm just tired. Tired, tired. I know it will pass. But today has been hard.


Leggy said...

I'm sorry its been tough- new parenting just is. Which isn't much comfort beyond "hang in there, it does get better." Plus you've got twins and husband chemo on top of everything else.
Not much I can offer except sympathies. Maybe your parents can help tonight so you can catch up on some sleep?

Sorry no assvice on projectile vomiting babes. Colic? Now that's something I'm an expert on.

weigook saram said...

I'm sorry. The newborn period is so tough. I hope tomorrow is better. Don't feel bad about saying no to visits/ turning off the phone if you need to. You are in survival mode. Is there someone who can relieve you so you can get a nap?

soralis said...

It does get easier I promise.


Anonymous said...

Sleep deprivation sucks indeed. It will get easier. I promise, too.