12 July 2006

Feeding Survey

Oh, Kind Readers,

Have you ever met an infant that throws up entire feeds about once a day? Maddie does this. She's gaining weight and her pediatrician says not to worry, that some infants have an underdeveloped muscle between the esophagus and stomach that just flops open and allows entire feedings out from time to time.

She's otherwise not a very "spitty" baby. The lost feed occurs at various times throughout the day, after long and short feeds, and no matter which breast she's eaten on. As I said, it happens every 24 hours or so. It's really dramatic and scary for me. Doesn't seem to faze Maddie. Often, she'll go right back on the breast to fill back up.

It's weird. I want to believe that doc that it's normal, or at least not something to worry about, but it's so shocking when it happens that I'm finding it hard to feel like it's OK. Today she pulled a projectile number and showered her still-eating brother! Yuck. But also just a tiny bit funny.


weigook saram said...

K did this once or twice, and you're right, it's scary and gross. It didn't happen every day, though. My ped told me it happens when they eat too much.

soralis said...

Try not to worry to much (who am I kidding! I worried for about 8 months!) I have one guy that does that, once he choked on it and it totally freaked me out. He started barfing after every feed eventually. I thought he was loosing everything. It got really hard to keep the stains out when he started on solid foods... if you have that issue let me know and I will give you lots of stain removal ideas (all though I hope she doesn't do this that long...)

My guy is almost a year and he still spits up a little every now and again after eating.

From what I can gather is if they are gaining weight the dr's don't really worry about it too much. There is a 'spit up formula' you can try, it is thicker. I tried it and it didn't help it was just more expensive.

I found it very troublesome to have to watch my baby throw-up, but after a while it got easier.

Take care and good luck

DoctorMama said...

She's also probably throwing up less than you think. Spilled (or vomited) liquid almost always looks like more than it really is. Try taking an ounce of a milk-like substance and pour it out, and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

My daughter did this from the moment of birth. They wouldn't let me keep her in my hospital room at night since they wanted her to have 24 hr supervision in case she spit up. FREAKED ME OUT! I didn't let her out of my sight for 10 weeks and then I only let her alone for a couple of hours with my husband. She did spits up like this for the first 4 months. It is normal. Your doc is right. Babies just puke a lot. It will be OK but always listen to your instincts.

bg's Little Sis said...

My 7 month old does it, not as often now as she used to, doc said the same thing and she's been absolutly fine. When she was young like yours she did it once a day give or take, it's slowly tapered off, but she still does once a week or so.

I've come to find that if she's not agitated, it's ok. She did get a tummy bug at 4 months, that was vomit for a day, much different and she was none to pleased...good luck during these long days and ask for help even just to catch a quick nap.


Anonymous said...

We have a newborn in our house, and we brought her to the emergency room for this very reason (new parents) when she was about 10 days old. They suggested to us to make sure she remains upright or at least not flat on her back for about 30 minutes after feeding. We have actually been putting her to sleep in her car seat after feeding (that was suggested as well), and it works very well. She now only spits up once or twice a week, if that, and usually it's because she's been moved around a lot after feeding. Good luck!

Michelle said...

It's good advice to always ask the ped if you're worried (and when told it's fine - it's OK to ask, "so, how do you know it's fine? - or not if the case may be?) But to reassure, my oldest did this upon occasion, it was spectacular. He is now a healthy 12 year old -- but the stain from one particularly majestic arc has yet to come out of the industrial carpet in my office.