13 July 2006

Better Day

Today is a better day. I got more sleep last night (although Maddie did throw up all over herself around 5:00am, ugh) and though there are visitors coming by later, they are not staying for long since they are my coworkers on lunch break from work. I woke up with the babies around 7:00 this morning to find that although they were fussing a bit and clearly hungry, they were also bright-eyed and happy. I managed to, all by myself, change both of them and get them settled enough to allow me to eat breakfast and get ready to feed them. Then Maddie and I woke up her daddy and he helped me with the feeding. It was nice family time.

I feel a bit silly being so proud that I handled Maddie and Riley on my own this morning, but mostly I've had help with them and it was a nice sense of accomplishment to do it on my own. Plus it was a beautiful, cool morning and they were so cute and happy. After GH and I got them fed, they had some time on their Gymini:

GH is at work today. Tomorrow is his last day before a seven-week break (two weeks' paternity leave followed by five weeks' summer vacation). I can't wait to have him home all the time. His chemo went well yesterday. Numbers are steady, platelets still low. They reduced the dosage of one of his drugs to see if they can get some effect without hammering the platelets so hard. He's feeling OK so far from the treatment. I hope that lasts.


Leggy said...

I'm glad things are somewhat better and that you were able to handle them by yourself. And that doesn't seem silly to be proud of yourself for that- its very hard taking care of newborns, and two seems twice as hard.
So glad that GH is getting quality time with you and the kids. Hope you'll get some much needed rest and family time.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

I'm so glad you're having a better day. You're doing just great - those days will come and if you're anything like me it's feel like the end of the world at the time and then later you'll wonder what the fuss was all about. That still happens to me! Totally normal with one baby, and you have 2. I think confidence is such an important thing for twin moms, and only comes by doing it. I rmember just how it felt to have them for the first morning, day, ect. by myself, or take them to Target, or to the park. I always have to sort of force myself to do those things that are so much easier with one, but even if they don't go perfectly, I usually feel great after because I did it. It's easy to let your world get small - but you have plenty of time for all that. Hang in there!

edgeofnormal said...

You are doing great. You have the most beautiful children.

bg's Little Sis said...

Good for you , you should feel proud of yourself, gives us the boost we each need when we do I think. Congrats and enjoy the upcoming family time.


OTRgirl said...

I love the Riley picture. What a little character!

Glad to hear that GH is doing relatively well and that you'll have so much time together.

You sound like you're handling this Mom deal with a lot of grace and humor.

soralis said...

They are so cute!!!

They are a lot of work and I thought they were wonderful when they were so tiny... but they get even more amazing.

Take care and kudo's on doing it on your own... I know how challenging that can be!