05 July 2006

Another First

First outing in the Baby Bjorns today! The twins LOVED it, meaning that they were fussy and as soon as they were in the carriers, they calmed right down. Mom and I ran a bunch of errands on foot in our little town center with the babies strapped in. Much simpler than the stroller somehow. We'll be doing more of that. What fun!


weigook saram said...

Yes, I relied on the Baby Bjorn a lot those first few months. Sometimes it was the only way I could get my daughter to stop crying. I'm enjoying reading about your firsts with the babies. It brings back a lot of sweet memories.

soralis said...

Sounds like a great way to get out, I could never handle the babes on my back or front due to a back issue... as if the double stroller was going to help that! lol!

Out already I am soooo impressed!