19 June 2006

Need Recommendations

GH and I just re-upped our subscription to Netflix (actually, Blockbuster.com, but same difference). We usually get all of our videos from the library, but getting out to pick things up off reserve is going to become more difficult. I've heard that watching videos is a good way to pass the breastfeeding time, so we figured the Blockbuster subscription would be money well spent.

I'm not much of a TV watcher. The only shows I watch regularly are 24 and Lost. I do love to go to the movies, but I feel woefully out of date on what's come out recently (and by recently I mean for the past year or so). Other than big blockbusters and Academy Award nominees, a lot of movies have passed me by.

So I'm looking for recommendations. What movies and TV shows have you enjoyed lately, or ever? My tastes are pretty eclectic. For movies, I love everything from independent and foreign films to a good action movie or thriller every once in a while. I absolutely hate horror movies, though. As for TV, I'm more of a drama person rather than a sitcom person. I tend to like medical dramas (you wouldn't think so with all the personal medical drama that I have, but I was a big ER fan until it got horrible about seven years ago. Why won't that show throw in the towel?) and legal dramas. I like some sitcoms--was a Seinfeld and Sex and the City fan.

What do you like?


Vix Smackey said...

I am constantly trying to get people into Veronica Mars. It's marketed as a teen show but it's...not. It's smart, funny, wrenching and incredibly well-acted (with a couple of exceptions.) Anyway, total lurker popping out of the woodwork to recommend some Mars-ian goodness for your Netflix queue. I watched two, maybe three eps at a friend's house and was HOOKED. It's like craaaaaack.

That's it. Back to lurkdom for the moment :)

Anonymous said...

i had one baby and watched two movies in 14 months...i hope you'll get bored, but i doubt it!

Yankee T said...

Oh good god...if you have time to watch movies with twin newborns, my hat goes off to you!
That said, I recommend The Pianist, Rabbit Proof Fence, Between Two Women, The Sea Within, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, March of the Penguins...
I'll ask The Attorney because my brain is mush and I can't remember jack these days.

Badger said...

i've just started the new battlestar galactica series. and i've watched the first two discs in the sleeper cell series. they're not super-stellar, but they're both pretty interesting.

snickollet said...

Let me clarify--I don't think I'm going to get bored! I've just heard from friends that when you're nursing/pumping, your hands are too occupied to read but it can be nice to pop in a video. We'll see :). In any case, GH may benefit from your suggestions even if I do not!

Anonymous said...

Three words: The Big Lebowski.

OTRgirl said...

TV: I agree with Veronica Mars. Grey's Anatomy, Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Movies: (we usually do escapist movies when we go at all. And we're fairly eclectic) March of the Penguins (as mentioned), Garden State, Amelie, Bend it like Beckham, Chronicles of Narnia, Pride & Prejudice, Spirited Away, Howl's Flying Castle, Batman Begins, Walk the Line.

Anonymous said...

just make sure that any movie you pick to watch while nursing does *not* have any loud, sudden crashes, bangs, and booms (may disqualify some of the movies listed above). my little girl startled easily while nursing, and, let me tell you, it's no fun for mama or the baby.

i watched the following while nursing the first few weeks (when the baby is sleepy most all the time, and yet always eating!):

My Man Godfrey
Adam's Rib
Annie Hall
When Harry Met Sally
Sleepless in Seattle (big favorite for the 1am, 3am, 5am feedings :))
Bringing Up Baby
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse
Modern Times
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (original BBC series)
Scrubs (any and all seasons)

best of luck to you! **you're going to be great!**

Lacey said...

I would check out 'House' for TV series. It is so intense and funny at the same time.

For some reason, the only two movies that I can think of right now are "Baby Boom" (because boom! you've got two babies! I am a twin, so my mother regaled me with stories about suddenly finding herself with two demanding wriggly things) and "The Egg and I" because it is so darn cute.

Have so much fun with those babies, I can't wait to read about them :)

Kansasienne said...

Films: Chaos (with Catherine Frot), The Dinner Game (Le Dîner des cons), and Seducing Dr. Lewis (La Grande séduction).

As for TV shows: Law and Order (TOS), but you've probably seen all the episodes; the Ken Burns Civil War miniseries from PBS; and The Count of Monte Cristo miniseries (the one with Gérard Depardieu that runs about 7.5 hours).

cheesemeister said...

When I was nursing my son, I actually read to him from The Chronicles of Narnia at the same time. He's 16 now and has finally decided to read it for himself. I wonder if in some recess of his memory he remembers when I read it to him all those years ago? I like to think so!
Once he got old enough to talk a little (past the time when I was nursing him which stopped at 6 months when he sprouted teeth--yowch!) I don't know if I ever watched a movie or read a book for adults again until he was about 3 years old! I well remember the Glow Worms and Seabert (movies) and for books there was No Elephants in the House, Green Eggs and Ham and one about a little bear who thought that the furnace in his grandparents' basement was a dragon!