18 May 2006


Boy oh boy am I tired. Tired, tired, tired. I have a new post-work pattern to my days:

5:30: Arrive home.
5:31: Crawl into bed.
5:32: Fall asleep.
7:00: Wake up and start doing normal evening things like eat dinner, do laundry, take a walk, etc.

I'm enjoying this napping as much as I can--which is to say a lot--because in five weeks such napping will be history. I may sneak in some naps once the babies are here, but most of them will be on the babies' schedule, not mine!

I don't think the fatigue is 100% pregnancy-induced. I've been struggling with an allergy attack (?)/cold (?) for most of this week, and that has worn me down. And this week has been emotionally busy. GH had chemo yesterday (always tiring in its own special way), I've been dealing with the work situation (difficult conversations with various higher-ups around the company), and we've been doing some final baby-prep stuff around the house.

I wish I could say that this weekend was going to be restful, but we're booked pretty solid. I may have to bow out of a few things to rest. I can't keep up the crazy pace forever, especially as I get larger and larger.


soralis said...

Enjoy those naps! Wishing your dh all the best.

Sounds like a busy weekend, hope you find some zzz time.

Take care

claire said...

Thinking of you, as always. Rest, dear, you need it.