19 May 2006

What AAA Coincidence

While at work yesterday, I read Badger's post about her husband's gift of a AAA membership. "How thoughtful. How heartbreaking. How sage," I thought.

When I got home last night, GH was sitting on the couch sorting the mail. He handed me a small red, white, and blue card. "I forgot to tell you that I renewed my AAA membership a few weeks ago," he said. "I remembered that the warranty on the Subaru [my primary car] is almost up, so I added you to the membership. I know how you hate dealing with that stuff. Here's your card."

It's small consolation that us members of The Saddest Club Ever found the most thoughtful, wise, and caring people in the world to marry. In fact, it's no consolation at all. I feel such heartache for the fellow members of the club, and I acutely miss their husbands, who I never had the chance to know. I don't need to have met them to know that they were amazing men. And then there is the part of me who mourns GH even though he is still here, doing all he can to make our time together as beautiful and magical as possible, and to remove some of the annoyances out of the bleakness that will come when he is gone.


OTRgirl said...

Hug and Sigh.

weigook saram said...

He sounds like a great husband. I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to think about the future without him. Hugs.

Leggy said...

Wow- you both married such practical, thoughtful guys. Its so unfair that you have to contemplate a time when he won't be here.

soralis said...

Big hug to you.

Take care

Claire said...

Big, big hugs. And wishes.

Dorcasina said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you all. I hope the blog hiatus is for good reasons--
sending love to the 4 of you