10 May 2006

Treatment No-Go

Just arrived at the office after attempting to spend a morning at treatment with GH. We made our way through awful rush-hour traffic to the clinic only to find out that he's been given an extra rest week. His platelets are down and his doc is concerned with the diarrhea, so she wants him to have an extra week to get his colon back to normal and give the platelets a chance to rebound.

Sometimes unexpected weeks off from chemo are scary to me. I don't like missing an opportunity to cause Massive Cancer Death. This week, though, it feels OK. We know the treatment is working and it just feels like GH's body needs a bit of extra time to recover from the side effects.

Of course, it also means that I'm at work all day. The eternal tossup: would I rather be at work or at chemo? Chemo usually wins; at least then I'm spending time with GH. But I actually do have stuff to get done. Back to it.


claire said...

Wow, Snick, it's so up and down in your life right now! I'm glad the outlaws didn't make you too crazy, and that the day care situation seems settled. The proximity to home will be HUGE in the winter! Sorry about the boss/mentor/friend leaving. Like what you need now is work issues! Thinking of all four of you, as ever.

claire said...

Oh, and I'd be interested to hear how you like The World Is Flat when you're done. My brother has told me it's a must-read.

soralis said...

So about the delay. Wishing you all the best.

Take care

Leggy said...

Okay that's a pretty sad commentary on your work life that you'd rather be at chemo than work. I know you meant it from the perspective of it feels like you are doing something to fight the cancer cells, but still. Yikes, I hope work improves.