09 May 2006

Long Time, No Blog

I think this may have been my longest stint ever without posting, over a week. I've wanted to post, thought about posting, but life has been a wee bit crazy.

1. The most immediate current craziness is that our hot water heater bit the big one yesterday. Luckily, it did not flood our basement and we've turned it off to prevent it from doing so. But now tonight is Hot Water Heater Shopping Night, not really the way I'd wanted to spend my time. Or money, for that matter. Just one of the "joys" of homeownership, I suppose. The good news is that the hot water heater is the only major appliance that was not replaced in the last few years by the previous owners, so we should be off the hook for a while after this (fingers crossed).

2. GH's parents are in town. Luckily they are not staying with us. We had dinner with them last night and will see them again tonight, post-Home Depot. They were relatively sane last night, with only minimal lecturing. I got to hear YET AGAIN about how much my mother-in-law is looking forward to force-feeding me miyuk-guk six times a day once I have the babies. And I was chastised for not wearing socks (with my sandals?) because evidently pregnant ladies need to keep their feet and legs extra-warm and covered.

3. Last, but certainly not least in the "current" category: my boss, who is my mentor and a personal friend, announced her resignation. Under different circumstances, I'd be in line to get her job. But I'm not really available until October and I'm not sure that right now is when I want to take on a fair amount more responsibility. But then again, I've been at the same job for almost six years and I don't want my career to stagnate . . . but maybe it's time to look for something else . . . but that's not really how I want to spend my maternity leave . . . I'm trying to just not deal with all this right now and let the dust settle. Her announcement was a big surprise, so I'm hoping when the air has cleared that perhaps her boss will approach me and we can have a productive conversation about the possibilities. Of course, he's a total prick, so I probably shouldn't count on anything. Oh, workplace politics! So fun!

1. A very busy weekend, including a wedding shower for some friends, a baby shower for another friend, and friends visiting from out of town. I was exhausted by Sunday night, then arrived Monday to my boss's announcement followed by dinner with my in-laws followed by busted hot water heaters.

2. More fun with side effects. GH is still struggling with diarrhea; it gets better, then it gets worse, then it gets better, then it gets worse . . . the last few days it's been much better. He starts a new round of treatment tomorrow. We'll see if his doc wants to cut back on the dosage because of the side effects of is we'll just plow ahead.

1. Our daycare situation is settled. We have to drop off the deposit check, but the babies will be in a home daycare less than half a mile from our house. Hallelujah.

2. The babies are big and wiggly and happy to be inside. Excellent news with 6.5 weeks to go. I am happy for them to stay inside, and my body seems agreeable, too. My blood pressure is normal, no swelling, etc. My OB says that we're "on track" for the scheduled 22 June c-section.

That's the long and the short of it. I have a post brewing about motherhood-related anxiety, but it will take a few days to get to it. This coming weekend is 100% free and clear of plans. I can't wait. I'm hoping to read, watch movies, and organize my thoughts. Start organizing my thoughts. Spend some time thinking. At least read and watch movies.


Leggy said...

Lots going on. Glad you got the day care situation resolved.

Re: your job stuff. Could you tell them you are interested in it, but make it clear you aren't available until October? It may just take them that long to find a good replacement anyway, so they might not mind waiting.

Motherhood anxiety- not sure if it ever ends.

What is the guk your MIL wants to give you? Ugh!

soralis said...

Won't be long now! Glad to hear you have a good day care lined up.

Jobs... ahh working for a living isn't that fun! :)

I am with Leggy on the motherhood anxiety, it just changes!

Good luck and enjoy the rest of your PG

snickollet said...


Miyuk-guk is Korean seaweed soup. It's something I like to eat, but not necessarily six times a day!

patti said...

I had such a good chuckle about the socks. I have a multiethnic family, so I've been learning some interesting asian customs. Apparently being chilled is a big concern.

Even though you think it's dumb, let MIL baby you. Maybe she'll back off on other things. ;-)

I'm glad things continue to go well for GH.