10 April 2006

Twin Update

Saw the twins. They are doing quite nicely. My cervix was deemed "formidable" (complete with goofy French accent) by my very amusing doctor, and the babies are weighing in at 2lbs6oz (girl) and 2lbs8oz (boy). Their size is great--that's the size the doc would want to see if there was just one of them in there. He deemed it a "textbook twin pregnancy." Let's hope it stays that way. I commented that the babies and I just need to keep up the good work for 10 more weeks, and my doc said, "You may change your tune and want them to come out early in about six weeks or so!" Perhaps. But I know that the longer they stay in there, the better it is for them.

Go, Babies! Grow and be strong!


Yankee T said...

Terrific twin news! A happy update! Geez, 10 more weeks is not so long. I'm pulling for all 4 of you!

OTRgirl said...

I'm so glad they are doing well. That's great. Good job, Mom!