13 April 2006

Ripe Mango

Dear Benjamin Moore Paint Namers,

Clearly, you misnamed the paint that we chose for our twins' room. For starters, while "Happily Ever After" is a charming name, one that my husband and I could not refuse, I fear its accuracy. I'd love to think that I could buy eternal happiness in a can from a store within walking distance from my house, but I'm not convinced. I'm willing to spend $32/gallon just in case, but we'll see how it all works out over the next few years.

Also, there is the issue of ambiguity. I happen to think that "orange" and "happy" go together like peanut butter and jelly, but frankly, I think I'm in the minority on this issue. For those who are less enamored of the orange, and just for the sake of clarity, it seems like a crime that you didn't name this color "Ripe Mango." That's exactly what it looks like! A ripe mango! It's gorgeous.

Thank you for making such a fine paint, but in the future, please give a little more consideration to the name of the color.

Yours most sincerely,

[Aside to blog readers: Do any of you listen to David Wilcox? Do you know his song "Mango"? I now can't go into the twins' room without singing that song. That is one awesome song, although not the most appropriate for babies.]


OTRgirl said...

I love David Wilcox. I've seen him twice in concert. Talk about someone who knows how to be real...

Yankee T said...

OOOH sounds like a terrific color. Now I'm going on their website to look at it. What fun!