10 March 2006


I got home yesterday to find that GH had spent the day in a flurry of activity. Three-and-a-half days in bed had him feeling cooped up and fidget, so since he was feeling better, he went crazy. He did four loads of laundry, changed the sheets on our bed, did some consulting work, emptied the dishwasher, dealt with a bunch of recycling, and filed some mail. Wow.

Best of all, he also called some home daycares in our neighborhood, which has been on his to-do list for a while. About a month ago, I had found a state-approved list of all home daycares in our town and printed that out, then plotted the location of those homes in a map to find the ones closest to us. I figured that since I had no other way to narrow the options down, proximity was a good place to start. I then handed the list off to GH with the five closest options starred. Well, yesterday he called the first starred option on the list and who should he get but the woman who is the de facto coordinator for home daycare providers in our area! Nice coincidence. She was extremely helpful, praised GH for starting in on this endeavor so early, and was able to help him narrow down our list by letting him know things like, "Oh, she only takes three year olds and she retired last fall and she is only open three days a week" etc. etc. Awesome. She also gave him a heads-up about a few people who were just coming out of retirement and might have infant openings. We are planning to drop a nice card and a bottle of wine by this woman's house to say thank-you, especially since she said that getting into the home daycare system is all about making a good impression. OK, we'll start with her! We can do that. We are good at kissing up.

We're hopefully going to the movies tonight. Time for a mellow date night. We want to see something relatively light, but not total fluff. Maybe Pride and Prejudice? We'll see.

Happy weekend, everyone. May all your weekends be fun-filled and nosebleed-free!


Julia S. said...

I hope the burst of activity heralds a wonderful weekend all around. Enjoy the movie.

OTRgirl said...

Just catching up after my time away. I'm SO glad he's feeling better.

How was the movie?