02 February 2006


I'm tired.

I'm glad tomorrow's Friday.

We were trying to get last-minute tickets to Chicago, but it looks like that's not going to work. I can't say that I'm all broken up about that; an unexpected weekend at home sounds blissful to me.

I've been trying to do one little thing done-—a phone call, an e-mail, something around the house-—every day this week to get ready for the twins. It's been productive, but exhausting. I have an appointment next Tuesday to visit a daycare. I'm meeting with an electrician tomorrow morning, at 7:30! I joined the MA Mothers of Twins Association. This weekend, since we'll be home, I will post ads for the furniture we need to get rid of. Last weekend I reconciled seven months worth of bank statements.

I'm getting caught up, I'm getting prepared. But I find that I'm wearing myself out. I really hope that this weekend will be a time that I can sleep, cook, walk, restore. I had a paper and a take-home test for class this week, so I shouldn't have much schoolwork for next week. We have no plans with friends since we didn't think we'd be here. I want to finish the book I feel like I've been reading forever, enjoy some time with GH, watch the entire Superbowl, and just chillax. Get ready for more productivity next week. Get ready for more medical intervention.

If I had an office instead of a cube, I would totally close my door and take a nap on the floor. Since I have a cube instead of an office, I'll just feign work-related productivity until it's time for class. Just a couple of hours to go.


Anonymous said...

when i was pregnant, i would arrange the garbage cans to shield me and sleep under my desk after lunch in my cube.

Christine said...

Hi Snickolett --

Came across your blog from Et Al (Dorcasina). I am sorry for what you are going through with your husband, but I'm thrilled for your pregnancy. My husband has systemic lupus, and he's undergoing low-dose Cytoxan (his rheumatologist says it's about a fifth of what they give cancer patients, and the last dose made him plenty sick, so I can't imagine what you must go through). Please feel free to leave comments on my blog. I'll be stopping by here regularly as well. :)

Yankee T said...

Came here via Dorcasina, too. You will find a lot of really caring loving people out here. I'm so sorry about your husband's illness, and the pain you're going through, but looking forward to following your twin journey. You must feel like you're on a roller coaster. Take care of yourself.

Yankee T said...

And I'd love to hear how you're liking Icarus Girl which I am about to read for my book group.