19 December 2005

Monday, Monday

I realize that the title of my last post, "The Results Are In," is not accurate since we didn't actually get the tumor marker results we were hoping for. And we still have yet to get them. GH called the oncologist on Friday but she was already gone for the day. I have hope that the fact that she has yet to call us with the numbers is actually a good thing. She did say that if the numbers went up, she'd take John of this round of Xeloda since she felt like an increase would be an indication that the treatment wasn't working and there's no reason to subject the body to the side effects for no gain. So the lack of a call means that either the oncologist hasn't seen the results or they were good. I'm hoping for the latter.

Oh, fuzzy head. That paragraph was muddled mess. I definitely have the Monday blahs, on the heels of the Sunday super-blahs. I felt gross yesterday. Had to nap in the morning, dragged myself to a movie, napped again after, choked down some dinner, in bed by 7:30, slept until 7:30 this morning. In some ways I feel better (no more headache, no more nausea), but now I have the drugged feeling of having slept WAY too much.

But good news: all of our Christmas gifts (OK, minus one) are in the mail, winging their way to family. That's a relief. Now I can focus on just relaxing, enjoying time with GH, doing NOTHING if I don't want to. Not that I'm very good at that. I confess that I would at least like to get our wedding photos ordered, finally, but will try not to be too hard on myself if that doesn't happen.

Got my flu shot today. The babies and I are protected. Speaking of the babies, GH and I are off for another look via ultrasound on Friday. This screening is specifically to check for Down Syndrome. I'm a little nervous. Mostly I'm just excited to see the babies again! My waist is up to 36". I guess I can start to wear GH's pants now. Heh. That's funny.

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