21 December 2005

If this week had balls, I'd kick it where it counts.

Tuesday I was still reeling from the news from Dr. Falke, still digesting, still coming to terms with what it means and what will happen next. I had a work function to go to in the evening, a swanky party at a fancy restaurant downtown. I wasn't much into going, but once I was there I really enjoyed myself: good food, good conversation, and endless club sodas with lime.

My boss and I had carpooled, and we headed out around 9:00, with a pitstop at the ladies' room on the way. And there, at the Top of the Freaking Hub, I discovered what looked to me like a reasonably large amount of bright red blood in my panties.


I called the on-call doc at my OB's office immediately, and he returned my call within 10 minutes, bless his soul. His diagnosis was a ruptured blood vessel in the cervix. In his words, "The chances of miscarriage if you saw the heartbeats two weeks ago is extremely low. Also, if you were having a miscarriage at twelve weeks, you would be doubled over in pain."

I was NOT doubled over in pain. In fact, I was not in pain at all, other than the gas pain I had from eating way too much food. So that was reassuring in a strange way. But again, HI, UNIVERSE, STOP FUCKING WITH ME.

The doctor did not recommend that I go to the hospital. I was told to go home, rest, and call back if I in fact started to have a lot of pain or any more bleeding.

Thankfully, neither of those things happened. On Wednesday morning, I called my OB's office and spoke with a nurse who agreed with the doc's diagnosis and gave me the same guidelines: call if I have cramps or red blood.

Now it's Thursday and I have had no cramps and no red blood. Fear, yes, but hopefully it is unfounded. We have an ultrasound tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the twins on the screen and getting some reassurance that they are OK. They'd better be OK. I can only take so much.

At least last night was uneventful and restful. GH and I went out for Indian food at a local favorite place. Yum. Then I went to bed early, as usual. I feel much more myself today and have plans to see a friend for dinner tonight. And the tomorrow is Friday and it's a holiday weekend and boy do I need it.


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