23 December 2005

Big Sigh of Relief

Saw the twins today via ultrasound. Hi, Twins! Their heartbeats are good, they are 69mm long each, and they showed off their mad skillz by waving and kicking.


No explanation for the bleeding, but that's good in a way as it means that it was an isolated incident that likely won't repeat.

Dumbest thing said by ultrasound tech, as soon as he put the wand to my belly and the clear image of two babies popped up on the screen: "Oh! There's two! But you already knew that, right?" Thankfully, yes, Dumbass. Can you imagine if we hadn't? Honestly.

Once I figure out how to post images, I'll put up the scans of todays viewing. Until then, Merry Christmas or Whatever Holiday You Celebrate, or just have a good weekend.

PS: Universe, you are NOT off the hook yet, although I am pleased to see your behavior improving.

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