25 December 2005

Happy Whatever You Are Celebrating

And if you aren't celebrating anything, then I hope you just have a nice day.

GH and I have had an awesome Christmas. Yesterday, for Christmas Eve, we laid around, went out for lunch (sushi! but I only ate the cooked ones, bah), took a walk in the 50°F weather, laid around some more, watched two movies, and generally just chillaxed. Today we have done much of the same, although the Christmas dinner is almost ready to cart over to our friends' house for serving. They had premature twins two weeks ago, so we're delivering dinner to their house since they've had other things to think about. I'm not excited about packing up a 9lb turkey breast, but that's what friends are for.

Feeling sad today sometimes. Mostly I just feel so freaking happy that when I let creep into my head the thought that the source of much of that happiness might get taken away from me, I get a little teary. But again, mostly I'm just really happy.

Merry Christmas, GH. Merry Christmas, Twins. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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