17 October 2005


The housewarming party was amazingly fun. I think all 75 people were there at one time, for several hours, crammed into our not-so-large space. But it worked out fine--just cozy. Many people commented that the didn't really get to see our house--too many people to get a good view! But that just gives us reason to have people over in smaller groups. Both GH and I commented that seeing some friends we hadn't seen in a while re-energized us and got us thinking about planning some small-group gatherings.

Sunday was all about recovering. Our friends from VT and their kids headed out around noon, and immediately after that, GH and I got into bed for a three-hour nap. After that, we took a short walk, then cooked dinner together, which we hadn't done in a long time. It was really nice. We tried a new recipe for grilled stuffed portabello mushrooms. MMM. Turned out quite nicely, with rice and a tossed salad on the side. Then we indulged in party leftovers for dessert. It was a nice end to a nice weekend.

This should be a nice, gentle week. I think I need that as we count the days to the test on Sunday. Tonight I'm making Indian food, tomorrow is plan-free at the moment, Wednesday is orchestra, Thursday is class. I need to pull myself together to make Pam's b-day cake--I should try to make the filling tomorrow, then I guess I'll bake on Friday and assemble on Saturday.

I'm totally thinking as a type.

The embryos probably need a rest, too. Things have been busy for them. Today at lunch I will got to acupuncture to help the attachment process. And probably take a fat nap. Despite sleeping very well last night, I'm quite yawny this morning. Hence the incoherentness of this post.

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cheesemeister said...

What incoherent? You said "Portobello Mushrooms" and "Indian Food." I understood you perfectly! :-)
Sounds like you had a nice day. I'm glad for you!