25 October 2005

Mysterious Call

So I check my messages last night and I have three. Bonanza! Very rare for me to have three messages. One is a friend wanting to get together for coffee on Thursday. Lovely. One is Erk, checking in about our Tuesday AM Pilates date.

And one is Dr. Best. At first, I was heartened to see his message. I had thought it odd that he didn't call to congratulate us yesterday, but he is a busy man and so I was willing to pardon him. So I was pleased to see that he (I assumed) had actually lived up to my expectations, it just took him until 7:00PM.

Then I listened to his message. It was REALLY WEIRD. It was all like, "Oh, hey, I saw your results from yesterday . . . oh, this is Dr. Best . . . and I just wanted to make sure you're OK. Call me if you need anything."


Where is the congratulations? This sounds like a "you're not pregnant" message to me. I didn't get it. GH thought nothing of it, but I found it quite upsetting, especially due to my "cancer's back" emotional volatility.

So I called Dr. Best's office first thing this morning and requested that he call me. I feel a little silly calling, but I need to put my mind at ease. I can only take so much, you know.

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cheesemeister said...

Don't feel bad for calling. You're paying enough money for this doctor's help, I'm sure. That's what he's there for!
I wish I had something comforting to say but all I can do is hope for the best for you. Good luck.