08 October 2005

Knock Me Out

I am supposed to be in the midwest this weekend. I was supposed to be at my sister-in-law's housewarming party in Chicago last night. Tongiht, I'm supposed to go to my husband's 10-year college reunion.

Instead I am at home.

This is not a bad thing. I haven't had a weekend at home to just get home stuff done, relax, read, enjoy some alone-time with GH, etc. in a long time. I'm sad to miss the houswarming and the reunion, but not sad to be getting some down time.

The reason for the non-trip is that tomorrow AM is the egg retrieval. This could be the beginning of the end of the infertility part of this blog. Over before it even started, practically! That would be a good thing.

I just spent about 30 min filling out an online form with my medical history to submit to my physican in preparation for my surgery. Calling the procedure "surgery" seems awfully grandiose. I guess since I'm getting anesthesia, it qualifies, but really it should be a quick and simple procedure that gives me an excuse to lay around on the couch and read for the rest of the day while GH waits on me.

Why I Am Looking Forward to the Egg Retrieval:
1. The Best Fertility Doctor in the World (henceforth known as Dr. Best) is coming into the office all special-like to do my procedure. He is so awesome. I totally have a crush on him. Too bad a) I'm married and trying to have a baby, b) he's my doctor, and c) I'm 99% sure he's gay. Oh, well. Having a crush on him makes all these hoo-hoo poking appointments a lot easier to bear. And he's been so good to me and GH--he totally doesn't have to come do our procedure, but he's giving up his Sunday morning to do so. He rocks.
2. The aforementioned excuse to lie around on the couch and rest all day. Lay? Lie? Christ, I'm a professional editor. Why don't I know this?
3. Egg retrieval brings us one step closer to having a baby.
4. Post-retrieval and pre-implantation, I plan to live it up. Raw fish, wine, soft cheese . . . you name it. Starting Wednesday, I'll have to operate under the assumption that I'm pregnant, so I have to cram in the vices for a few days.

Fears about the Egg Retrieval:
1. Anesthesia gives me the creeps, despite the fact that my father and father-in-law are anesthesiologists.
2. Surgery is creepy, even if it's minor. Signing all those consent forms is freaky. I know all those potential complications are remote, but still.

Time for me to go wake the sleepy and barfy GH up from his nap. Sometimes we get all cavalier about cancer and do stuff like not get enough sleep and eat spicy food. At these times, cancer catches up with GH, usually in the form of exhaustion and barfing, like today. Fucking cancer. Just when I feel like we've got a bit of an upper hand, some little reminder pops up. I just hope he's feeling better. I don't want both of us down for the count tomorrow.

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