09 November 2012

Doing something every day is hard.

Thanks for the great book suggestions. As much as I've loved reading Harry Potter with Maddie and Riley, I have to confess that I'm pretty excited about being done with that series and moving on to something else, so much so that I'm loathe to dive into another series of books, even though the Benedict Society series in particular holds much appeal for me. We still have 40 pages in HP book 6 and all of book 7 to get through before I have to decide what to do next with the twins, so I've got some time.

Meanwhile, I'm reading a few things all at once: Wildwood, Flourish, and the third Hunger Games book (no link required, I don't think). Also, I will soon be starting 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do. I'm doing to read that one with, uh, that guy I'm dating; I have yet to come up with a good nickname for him, but wow is "that guy I'm dating" deeply unsatisfying and also totally not reflective of how I feel about him, because "that guy I'm dating" sounds super casual, and my feelings are not.

I digress.

As I was saying, TGID and I are going to read 100 Tricks together (the abbreviation of the title makes it all sound very naughty), which is his idea, and a great one, because we both love to read and we're about to spend a good chunk of time apart because the end of November = insane travel times for me, and the plan is that we'll call or do FaceTime or something like that and discuss the book while I'm away. He came up with this plan independent of my post on reading, hello there, universe, telling me something. TGID once showed up at my house so that we could go somewhere, to a concert, I think, and on the passenger seat of the car was a book that he'd thought I'd enjoy, so he'd brought it for me to look at while we drove; it was a rather mysterious book, and he instructed me to read a few pages then tell him what I thought, which was fun and surprising and thoughtful and sweet.

I digress again, and in my digression failed to come up with a better nickname for TGID, but since I'm not supposed to be blogging about him anyway (his totally reasonable request), the lack of a nickname shouldn't be a problem, really. The problem is that I find it difficult to avoid blogging about him.

What I also find difficult is writing every day, which is why I, well, haven't written every day. I am writing more, by a long shot, which isn't saying very much. It's not every day, though, and while I don't feel guilty about that in the way I once might have at a different point in my life, I do feel wistful. I am in the luxurious position of having lots of things I love to do and lots of people I love to spend time with and not enough hours to do it all. It's difficult to prioritize, but I'm working on finding a place to slot in writing.

I'll end today's digression of a post with a shameless plug for Powell's Books. I've plugged them before—totally unsponsored, I just truly love them—and they are worth plugging again. They are independent, they have an astounding selection, and you can shop used books online as well as new. Free shipping over $50! There is nothing but good about Powell's.

And with that, I am done. For today.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww -- your comment made me miss Powell's. Had to move back to the East Coast from the PNW so haven't been in some time. It is a great bookstore.