18 July 2011


I am bursting with blog content. Bursting! But I have a problem.

I've been sucked into a horrible vortex powered by the forces of a too much work, stressful work, and Netflix instant streaming. So, you see, I work all day, feel behind all the time, get home, get the kids to bed, and collapse in a Netflix-watching heap, thus leaving the blog neglected.

I'm not sure how I managed to remain out of Netflix instant's clutches for so long. I can watch it on my TV via my Wii! On my iMac! On my iPad! On my iTouch! Anywhere! Anytime! It's crazy. I think it will be at least a little better when I get all caught up with Friday Night Lights as many of the next things in my queue are only available on DVD. Maybe then I will blog. Only 14 more available episodes to go.

I really do have a lot of things on my mind, though. So many I can't keep track. Many of them are parenting-related as somehow Maddie and Riley got all growed up and out of nowhwere they are doing things like being totally sassy and refusing to go to sleep and lying and pushing limits and my buttons and WHOA. Of course, they are also doing lots of more positive things like riding bikes without training wheels and scrambling eggs all by themselves and putting together crazy complicated LEGO projects.

We've been in our new house for almost two months, we've been to family camp, the kids have turned five. Five! Five. I've felt myself pulling away from many of my online activities (Netflix excepted), sometimes because I've been forced (no Internet access at family camp), sometimes because I've made a choice. But there's a lot to say. So very much to say.


Kathleen said...

Oh, if you run out on Netflix, you can view on Hulu as well.

If you sign up on Hulu (think the basic is free) you must check out the series Doc Martin. So good! They don't have the fourth season, but I was so hooked that I watched it in pieces on You Tube.

I've been wondering where you were! Glad you are back.

Christie said...

Streaming shows, both the best and worst thing to have happened in our house. I need a computer that is powered by my treadmill so that I'm walking when enjoying a show instead of sitting on my behind eating popcorn.

Christie said...

Also, FIVE! Holy schnikes!

Cheryl Lage said...

FIVE?!? Wow. Girl, you enjoy whatever you want via whatever means you want. We who love/read your blog will be happy when you update, and will understand when you don't. (Have you watched the past seasons of Rescue Me? Personal fave...)

Megan said...

It's been forever since we've talked. I'll get right on scheduling a dinner posthaste.

PattyB said...

Where did you go to family camp, if you don't mind my asking. My soon to be 21 year old daughter is a first time camp counselor this year at a family camp in Wisconsin (Camp Brocious). She is LOVING every minute of it and has fantastic stories about the campers (mostly stories about the kids because she's been working mostly with younger children).

OTRgirl said...

Just got cable internet in the new house and therefore have discovered anew Netflix streaming. It's a scary, scary thing (but I'm loving it!)

Come back soon though, it's always nice to hear in more detail what's going on in your world.