16 March 2011

The Exact Instructions I Need

I absolutely love it when someone posts something in their blog that is the exact thing that I need to read that day, even if—especially if—I didn't even know that I needed it. My friend-via-blogging ComebackNikki did just that today on her blog 10Eleven.

I'd never heard of Thomas Bien until five minutes ago, but I sure do like his three instructions for happiness, and I thank ComebackNikki for sharing them:

1. Know that happiness is always available to you.
2. Accept imperfection.
3. Don't try so hard.

These seem like good rules to live by. I'm going to give it a try.


NanarocksWeen said...
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Rachele said...

I so, so, so agree with this post! I think I shall make it my facebook status.

OTRgirl said...

Thanks for the link! That's a great post.

Bostongirl said...

really good points. thanks for sharing!

anita said...

Give it a try, but don't try it so hard ;-) (I couldn't resist, hahaha)

comebacknikki said...

I felt the same way when I read the article... everything just made so much sense. I've been in such a life funk lately -- I think his suggestions are exactly what I need.

Putting it all into action? Well, that's another story. :)

MJ said...

If you mention that your husband died and the other person feels awkward, that's their problem, not yours. I recently asked after an acquaintance's mother and learned that she had died a while ago. I said "I'm so sorry" and she said "thank you," and then we moved on. I'm sorry that you feel bad when people don't know how to respond. I guess it would help to come up with a way to follow up an awkward silence. Maybe you could say something like "It was very sad," and then get back to the original subject of conversation - e.g., to the mortgage guy say, "It was very sad. But at least we can put the insurance proceeds toward buying a new home."