14 December 2010


I had blocked out time on my calendar at work specifically for shopping at H&M today. I'd been looking forward to it for some time. But in the end, I was FOILED because there was no parking to be had in downtown Portland. Seriously. None. The parking garages were all full, and while I watched a number of folks snag spots on the street, the stars never seemed to align for me. I drove around for 30 minutes and then gave up. Looks to me like retailers are doing a good business this holiday season.

That I missed out on H&M is not a big deal; it's not going anywhere anytime soon. I am, however, annoyed that I spent my lunch break driving in circles rather than doing something more productive: shopping, running, eating, working, you name it. I guess this is my payback for laughing all the time about how Portlanders whine when they have to park more than three blocks away from their destination.

I will conclude my whine/rant (wrant?) with this thought: The number of parking spots in Portland could easily be significantly increased if every two consecutive parallel spots downtown were turned into three. Those spots are HUGE! I'm often tempted to cram my car into the space between two parked vehicles. Sam Adams, are you listening?


Lals said...

Said like a true Bostonian, Snick! If you were like me, though, you'd need those huge spots to actually parallel park!

Yankee, Transferred said...

You're just remembering the Trader Joe's/Walgreens lot in our old 'hood. Smallest spaces in the world.

Claudia said...

That was the story of my life when I lived in Portland. I spent many a Friday night circling the park blocks, hoping to just get. a. farking. space.
Sorry your lunch hour was squandered.

mommo4.5 said...

I've done that circling-for-parking dance and it's so discouraging (once, I ended up in tears). Is the bus an option for you? Or maybe it takes too much time for a lunch hour. It can be a great way to go, depending on how much you are planning to schlep home!

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Snick, what IS it about H&M? I just don't get it. Can you enlighten me? (I don't intend to sound snide. I just know so many people who rave about it and I don't understand why.)

Bummer about the parking though!

Snickollet said...


I can only speak for myself, of course, but what I like about H&M is the low-cost chance to try something more fashionable/trendy than I might otherwise try. They have a staggering selection, so the trick for me is finding the right thing, but once I find it, it's fun to liven up my wardrobe with something on the trendy rather than matronly side. I'm sure others have perhaps more worthy reasons, but that's mine.


Dr. Smak said...

Snick- what a fun post for me! At your recommendation I tried the outdoor shopping area near the medical center the day I was in Portland. After an hour of pouring rain I was determined not to give up. My near-miss with a puddle and a large Ford truck convinced me to head indoors.
So I hit downtown, and did H&M, feeling all the while like a wimpy east-coaster.
If it helps, I didn't find anything there, but it was nice to look around.
Oh, and it's pretty easy to navigate downtown when you don't realize those great big bus & trolley lanes aren't for you to drive in. Cringe.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Good to know Snick! I've never been in one but I guess I'll have to check it out!