06 May 2010

Yes, more about the shoes.

It turns out that if you're me, once you acquire one pair of really cute shoes, you realize the power of the Cute Shoe, and you just want more. You realize that since the first cute shoes were wintery and black, with a heel, you need a pair of sandals and some flats to balance the equation. Suddenly, you find that these have taken up residence in your closet:

Petrella by Söfft, in mocha

Peony by Born, in green

The sandals have a story. SÖFFT SHOES ROCK. That's the moral, now here's the story, the long version. When I first decided that perhaps it was time for me to get some new shoes and stop putting my feet in orthopedic grandmother footwear, I went to Nordstrom Rack and looked around. I got overwhelmed, and found only one pair that I really liked, but they had been mistakenly placed in with my size and actually didn't fit. They were a pair of Söfft mary janes. Then I wrote my blog post asking for shoe advice. Lo and behold, a reader commented that she works for Söfft and that I should check them out and that she could "hook me up."

Well, that intrigued me. A few Facebook messages later, I had myself a new pair of shoes. For free! The lovely people at Söfft let me choose a pair of shoes for my very own. They are amazing. They are super comfortable and so cute. Oregon weather has not been conducive to the sandals this spring, so I've just been wearing them around the house for fun. So has Maddie. We are in love. What's not to love, really, about high-quality shoes and a generous company that understands the power of free marketing?!

The other shoes were recommneded by a commenter as well; she suggested the radish color which is lovely but less complimentary to the clothing in my wardrobe. I'm still waiting for this particular pair to arrive. Hopefully by the time they do, spring will have sprung here in Portland.

Getting new shoes has had the aftershock of making it apparent that I could use some new clothes, too. The lovely Julia asked for suggestions as to where us women in our (late) 30s could go to find clothes that were stylish but not too young looking, and at least one of her readers suggested Boden, and I've become a little obsessed. Might just have to get a few things. To, you know, make those shoes look as good as possible.


yatima said...

YES TO SOFFT AND BORN. I thought I'd missed out on the cute-shoe gene until I got my first nice pair of Sofft shoes. They're a gateway shoe! Now I have a pair of Borns and two pairs of Fryes... Damn you, Zappos, with your amazing customer service and your user-friendly site!

jen said...

Boden does coupons all the time and also starts having sales pretty early in the season. Perfect for the PNW, since it won't be summer until July-ish anyway. I totally endorse them for academic setting-appropriate work and weekend clothes. Also, hurray for new shoes. Love the sandals.

mlg said...

Hurray for the new shoes indeed! New shoes are right up there with girls lunches in town and finding a $20 bill in your pocket. They are all just so good for the soul. Couldn't have happened to a nice person. : )

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Ooooh, I want new shoes too. Those are super cute!

katem said...

I have the radish color. I love them! (But, then again, I did have to buy a few more gray-ish tops so I would look like an adult. I do wear them to work, but only with said muted tones)

allie o said...

Snick, I am laughing out loud right now... First, I am so psyched you love the Söfft shoes! They are so comfy, I am so proud to work for the company. The reason I am laughing is because Born is our sister brand of footwear! What a coincidence you stumbled upon them as your second shoe to blog about! Anyways, hope you continue to love the shoes!

Snickollet said...

Allie O:

That's really funny. I guess I just have good taste :).

Thanks again!


Elizabeth said...

Yes to Boden! Such gorgeous colors.

Rachel said...

So funny. I am wearing a Boden skirt and top as I type this. And I wore my Born peony shoes to work tonight. (But mine are black, not green.)

I think Boden is perfect for women our age. Cute but age-appropriate and not at all frumpy.

I used to like Ann Taylor loft, but not so much lately.

Anonymous said...

I have the Born peony shoes in the same shade of green! A colleague was wearing them and I asked her about them and tracked them down online. They are great, and so pretty!

carosgram said...

Very cute shoes!

Shannon said...

Have you seen the Boden kids clothes? Pricey, but VERY well made and SO cute. If I could afford it, I would buy all of my kids clothes there. Alas, I am stuck waiting for coupons and sales - which, luckily, are quite frequent.

watercolordaisy said...

cool! and cute!!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Sofft is the only pair of shoes I've been wearing for the last 4 months of my pregnancies (now throwing flipflops into the mix). I love them but I may have to burn this pair once the pregnancy is over. And then I'll go buy different Sofft shoes. P.S. Got mine at Nordstrom too!

Heidi said...

Discount code for Boden's website: MN20 gets you 20% off plus free shipping and free returns (see www.retailmenot.com). Fueled with Snickollet- and Julia-powered zeal, I placed my first Boden order last night. We'll see how it works out.

OTRgirl said...

Good tip-offs. Good thing it's a slow day at work so I could look around!

Those Born shoes are really cute. The Sofft look fun, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm writng from the UK - home of Boden the clothes are great, well cut, flattering , fun and may be a bit pricy but last well . You can build on them each season and wait till you see mini boden !!!! sales are very good and offers are often happening
The cardigans are very cute for adults and the dresses work for work

Anonymous said...

I need a pair of brown sandals. Those Söfft are what I call "sexy casual" - may have to check them out! Also loved the Boden website. I'd never heard of them before. Super cute stuff!


Kelly said...

I'm so excited you got the Born shoes. I was secretly a little disappointed when you picked the Fleuvog's and it has made my day that you got the Borns too.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I like Boden a lot. It's mom clothing, but cute mom clothing. I can also find things at Ann Taylor Loft (they had great t-shirts last weekend at 40% off).

winecat said...

Ah Sofft shoes, I adore them. Uumm perhaps it's time to purge so shoe closet so I can justify getting a few new pair. And those Born, to die for!
Yes I am a Zappos junkie.

Also check out Primo, there someone's second label but I love them, nice arch support which is good because I have very high arches oh and Mephisto
and Think!

Ah the life of a shoe junkie never runs smooth. I could spend a small fortune on shoes.

Fresh Hell, Texas said...

I'm completely over uncomfortable shoes and I love my Söfft, black heels. They are the only heels I own and if I ever nee another pair, they will be Söffts as well.

Sure, I still have to doctor them up a bit with arch support and that little thing that goes under the ball of my foot to prevent sliding but that's it.

For your readers with high arches, I highly recommend Mephisto sandels. I have the Helens in three colors and wear them nine months of the year here. Love, love, love.

Fresh Hell, Texas said...

As for Boden, love their clothing, wish it came in my size and wish they were not yet another clothing company that would rather lose money than be associated with women over a size 18.

Sources said...

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