26 May 2010

Things Oregonians Like: #3–4

3a. Anything local. Locally raised food. Local business. Local legend. Locally sourced. Local = good.

3b. House made. When you're at a restaurant here, you can get all kinds of things that are house made, house cured, house smoked, house butchered, house roasted, house blended, house crafted. Some of these things are surprising (house made tonic water, which is pinkish-orange!), and almost all of them are good. House made from local ingredients is the ultimate.

4. Food carts. Brilliant!


Watercolor said...

What is a food cart? Is that the buggy at the grocery store?

Snickollet said...


Food carts are trailers that have been converted to small kitchens that serve food. Some of them drive around to a different location each day, some of them are parked at the same location all the time. There are also "pods" of them clustered on previously empty lots or in parking lots. If you click on the link in the post, you can read all about Portland's food cart scene. Delicious!


Rachele said...

can I suggest #5... fleece!


BiancaW said...

Here in South Africa, we are desperately trying to encourage local businesses/trade, so I totally support the "local = good" thing. In fact, we have a saying here that goes "Local is Lekker", lekker being the Afrikaans word for good.

As for food carts. We have a similar style of fast food vending here, but they are mostly used at sports events.

Anonymous said...

You should come to Austin... Everything here is local as well. Localvores are a big deal. So are food trailers! We have dozens upon dozens... chicken and waffle trailers, vegan food trailers, cupcake trailers, korean taco trailers, belgian french fry trailers, indian chaat trailers, donut trailers, on and on and on... delicious!

Deborah said...

Yum, I just read about the food carts. I want to move to Portland!