12 February 2010

Two Things I Love Right Now

This is an oldie but a goodie. I've had Joshua Bell on the brain since going to the symphony last Sunday:

This one is new to me today. The candor brought tears to my eyes.


Mary Ellen said...

That call to full life by Gabrielle Bouliane was sure a shot of adrenaline. Thanks! (I note her obituary here: http://www.buffalonews.com/obituaries/story/945274.html )

Snickollet said...

Mary Ellen:

Thanks for noting the obit. I knew she'd died, but failed to mention it.

I sometimes grow weary of that "make hay while the sun shines" message, but her delivery and way of presenting it made it so fresh and relevant and meaningful for me.


amyinbc said...

Thanks for this Snick. I think I need to save this to my desk top to remind me of what is important and worth doing in life.

winecat said...

Stunning. It left me speechless to hear her speak so candidly about her cancer. Most of us try to hide it, pretend it happened to someone else or battle through on our own.

I lived but I'll never be the same.