18 November 2009


I've missed a day here and there, but I've been posting most days. For that, I thank NaBloPoMo, as the ritual of near-daily writing has helped me to rediscover my groove and start rethinking life events and how they become posts.

Maddie, Riley, and I had such a nice evening tonight, dinner with friends of mine from college and their two kids who bookend the twins in age. Maddie took a total shine to my friends' daughter, who is six and thus a revered Big Girl. She was totally sweet and patient with Maddie, which was lovely. My friends' house is warm and welcoming and totally kid-centric, which put M&R at immediate ease and thus allowed me to get some real talking in around the playing. When we got home, M&R wanted to do stories and milk in my bed, "like we used to do all night in Boston." Where all = every, then yes, exactly.

Things are moving forward with the condo sale. I'm not going to believe that it's real until I have the check in my hand, but from the looks of things, it's a matter of about three weeks before I'm no longer a homeowner. I can't wait. I've already spent my increased cash flow about 1,001 different ways, most of them worthy and some of them frivolous, but no matter how the money gets spent, it's going to be lovely to have the freedom to not stress out over every dime and not dip into savings every month to cover expenses on two households.

I don't like to shop and I'm generally pretty frugal, but I also don't like to be constantly stressed out about money. Who does? It's awful. This Thanksgiving, I'll certainly be feeling grateful that I'm free from that worry, a weight that is crushing so many people these days.


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Sending good vibes about the condo sale. That truly is something to be grateful for.

I think you should treat yourself to some peppermint Joe Joes to celebrate. Weight watchers be damned!

Hmm... I think I just became an enabler.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a great night. The big-girl-little-girl thing is awesome.

May that check be in your hand very soon.

Anonymous said...

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