02 November 2009


I'm stealing a few minutes to post from work because I know if I leave it 'til tonight, it won't happen.

Lately, my evenings seem to be over before they begin. I don't know if I was more organized about my time in Boston or if I have more to do here or what, but I feel like there are about five minutes instead of two hours between when I get the kids into bed at 8:00 and when I try to head to bed around 10:00. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary, just the stuff that people in general and parents specifically need to do: washing up, packing lunches, paying bills, cleaning the house, etc. It somehow just seems to take me longer here than it did back east.

And now, after more interruptions than I can count, it's time to go home and figure out what to feed the masses for dinner. Time permitting, I'll post some Halloween photos as bonus content tonight.


Jill said...

So glad you're posting more. I'm just a random reader, pulling for you bigtime.

Anonymous said...

Glad you'll be posting more.
Did you ever tell the story about how you found your new house in Portland? Not sure if I missed a post or not . . . but would love to hear the story.

Amber said...

You should totally wait til tomorrow to post those Halloween pics (spoken as a former NaBloPoMo-er)! And I so know what you mean about those post-kid-bedtime hours... they just fly by for me too.

Donn24g said...

Glad to see more updates, and cant wait to see some halloween pictures!

Roads said...

You have my sympathy. Another problem is that as children grow, they stay up longer.

That 'adult' time gets shorter and shorter. The number of times you find yourself doing homework at 10:30pm can get scary.

On occasion, my kids stay up later than me now. This will surely happen a lot more in future.

Not trying to put a gloss on it here, but there's just so much more good stuff to look forward to... !