06 November 2008

Today, 5:00 a.m.

[cough, cough, cough from the twins' room]
[pathetic, half-awake, whiney cry]

"Mama, I coughin'. I coughin', Mama."

[get up, get some water in a sippy cup, take it to poor Ri-Man]

"Here baby. Drink some agua. Then try to sleep some more. It's still night."
[slurp, slurp]
"I drinkin', Mama."
"Mama, I have boogers."
[find Kleenex box; wipe boogers]
"Can you try to sleep now, Lovey?"
[nod, nod; I head back to bed]

[approx. 60 seconds later: cough, cough, whiney cry]
"I still coughin', Mama"

[pad into twins' room]
"Come here, Lovey."
[reach down and scoop up clearly grateful Ri-Man, who snuggles up to me and gives a weak cough]
"We'll have a snuggle on the couch, Lovey. Try to sleep some more, OK?"

We both dozed until about 6:00, then Riley let me put him in his bed and he slept a little more before starting the day. Poor sick baby, although I have to confess that the snuggle was delicious.


amber said...

poor little guy :(

Legally Brunette said...

Aww...that almost makes me want to have a kid. Not nearly ready for that yet though, maybe in 2 years (Or 3. Or 4.)! I must say that I feel like there is a lot of sickness going around this fall, and it hasn't really been that cold thus far! Hope you and M don't catch the sniffles too.

Jamie said...

Hope he feels better soon -

Sadia said...

I do hope he feels better. I am jealous of the snuggle, though. My Jess won't even let me sit on the bed to tuck her in any more, although I do get one hug in the morning at daycare drop-off.

What A Card said...

Aw, poor baby boy! Hope he's feeling better soon.

And thanks for reminding me...I need to run out to the pharmacy to pick up more asthma medicine or else my tonight will be just like your last night!

L. said...

I had a night just like Riley's. Wish my mama was here to snuggle me!

Rachel said...

Poor baby. :( But they're so sweet when they're sick, aren't they?

Jenn said...

Aww I hope he feels better.

Last time my two had a cough, I tried giving them a spoonful of honey and it actually worked. I was shocked.

Mama Nabi said...

Ah, the sickness snuggles... they are delicious, aren't they. Hope he's feeling better?

Giovanna Diaries said...

Snuggles are the best!

amyinbc said...

Enjoy them :) Son is now 15 and although he spent the first 4 years either in our bed or in our room those days are done. But you know, we still have a great relationship, just different!

Hoping Riley is feeling better very soon.

Anonymous said...

From one single mother to another. . .did you go to work?

Sometimes I get a little sad, even resentful of not being able to stay home from work. I do when necessary, but when no fever or other symptoms, I pack my son off to preschool hoping he'll make it through the day.

Those moments are precious! Wish I had more of them.

Anonymous said...

Poor babe! I hate when my son is sick, but I do love the snuggles. I find it very relaxing. Hope your little man feels better.

Susan said...

Anon 22:33

I understand....I have always had to work and it is so stressful trying to figure out when to keep them home or not and then have to deal with issues at work. Not easy, I know.

Snick - the snuggles are wonderful.


Snickollet said...


Yes, I did go to work. My daycare's policy is pretty much no fever/no vomiting or diarrhea = OK to go in. It's tough, although by the time Riley was up for the day, he was ready for action (as long as there were tissues close at hand!)


Christine said...

Awww, Boo was coughing last night, and he can't talk yet, so he'd wake up, cry, and then go back to sleep. I finally propped the head of his bed up with blankets, and that seemed to do the trick. I love snuggles.

s_ivan said...

I'm sorry - Noa is definitely responsible for this. I'll give her a time out.

Anonymous said...

Hope he's feeling better by now -- but now it's Friday, so he'll have the weekend to regroup!

Those snuggles are wonderful, aren't they? Mine is 5, and I'm aware that they won't last forever -- makes them all the more cherished.


Anonymous said...

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