18 November 2008

How Do You Do It? Peer Pressure

I have a post up today on toddler peer pressure over at How Do You Do It. Check it out!


Susan said...

I read the peer pressure post even though I am far away from the toddler days. I agree with you that parenting becomes less physically draining but it is replaced with mental drainage which is equally as exhausting. I'm now in the phase of raising teenagers and I sometimes long for the day of toddler "problems". Even though I have enjoyed each phase of raising children, it is very hard when they are older to do exactly what you discuss in the post regarding desires/wants and what is best for them. Believe me, teens have a hard time understanding why mom/dad think something they hate is best for them :) Sometimes you are so not popular. But that's ok. It just means we love them more :)

I love how you worked out the "container" issue with the yogurt. Very smart!!! Cute story to tell them one day WAY in the future.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought you had caved and I was going to lecture you about how you have to become a parent that now says things like, "if your friend jumps off a bridge"....yada yada yada.... But...