10 October 2008

Thank Goodness This Week Is Over, and Random Updates

[begin pity party]
Work is still stressful. Life outside work is still somewhat stressful, although this week has been filled with many good things (party for our daycare provider, dinner with friends) along with the bad (too much work!, having to cancel therapy, hateful comments, allergies/cold).

At least it's Friday. The weekend bodes promising. We're going to Spanish story hour at the library, having a playdate with friends, meeting other friends for ice cream, and doing the usual stuff around the house.

Too bad I'll spend all my waking hours while the kids are asleep doing work. I have to take some stuff home. I'm trying not to be too bitter about it, but I'm failing. Everyone has to work overtime from time to time, and I do less of it than most people. I just get so little down time as it is on weekends that I feel exceptionally annoyed by the idea of spending it doing tedious work that I don't enjoy.
[end pity party]

[begin dating update]
I'm having coffee with a new Internet guy tomorrow. He is an economics professor, he loves to dance the tango, and he's deathly allergic to cats and dogs. That's about what I know about him. We'll see how that goes. I'm leery of the dance obsession as the only dancing I like to do is spastic 80s moves at weddings once I've had a few drinks. Now that I enjoy. Formal dancing? Not so much. And in my experience, those obsessed with dance are well and truly obsessed, to the exclusion of almost anything else. See Snickollet judge! I'm trying to be open-minded. We'll see how it goes.

My reward for slogging through the work part of the weekend is that Mr. Coffee is coming  over for a date (#6?) on Sunday evening. Until this morning, I had not heard from him since the one e-mail he sent me early in his trip, and I was trying not to be That Girl Who Is Irritated by Lack of Communication, especially since he had warned me that he would likely not be in touch. I kind of failed. I was annoyed. But he made up for it with a lovely message that was waiting for me when I got up today; he'll be home late, late, late tonight and will have his daughters Saturday and Sunday, but will come over after he drops them off with their mom. That should be nice.
[end dating update]

[begin NuvaRing update: not graphic]
With the help of all of your comments, I figured it out. Thank you.
[end NuvaRing update]

Have a good weekend, everyone.


Lyndsay said...

Glad things are looking up! Have a good weekend Snick and enjoy the date(s!)

Jen said...

wait.. figured out what?

see ya later!

Snickollet said...


The labels for the various sections of my post were missing! I added them in again and now they appear. I was talking about the NuvaRing.


Kori said...

What DID you figure out re: the Nuva Ring? I want graphic, because I am 36, can't for various reasons take birth control pills (not the least of which is the two year old I have that I got pregnant on while taking said pill!), the shot caused all sorts of problems and I might at some point in my life before I die have sex. Feel free to email me with your advice, ha ha. As for the rest? I am sorry about the whole working on the weekend thing-I know that I would struggle with it, too, even if it were necessaary-it is my only time with my kids, really. And have fun on the coffee date-the tango? Wow! I am more of the 80's thing, or, you know, Elaine from Seinfeld. Only worse.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry that the hateful comments have gotten you down, really just don't pay any attention.

Heather said...

I have trouble sharing my weekends with work, as well. I would much rather work a longer day during the week (which I know people with daycare requirements don't often have, but there have to be some perks to still having no kids) than to work on Saturday or Sunday. I nearly quit my job when they wanted me to work 5 Saturdays to make up for the extra week of vacation. Just don't pay me for the week. Geesh.

Giovanna Diaries said...

Fun dinner last night!
Glad Mr. Coffee is back in town!
Can't wait to hear Mr. Tango's story. This will be funny!
Have a restful weekend!

Christine said...

Just wanted to let you know I tried to email you at the gmail address and it bounced.

Snickollet said...


Weird! That's definitely my address:

snickollet [at] gmail [dot] com


Try again?


Becky said...

I don't blame you. Taking work home sucks!!

Catherine said...

Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thing. Ugh, curses to those wuss "anon" comments.

You're a wonderful mother, a lovely person and the purveyor of my most entertaining workday web surfing!

I'll follow you to any secret URL!

Have a great weekend with M&R.

Anonymous said...

No one is really Anon. She has site meter, you KNOW where they are coming from!!!

GUTLESS derfwad, hiding behind Anon!


Ali said...

Sorry that you had such a stressful week. The weekend does sound a bit promising if not busy! Enjoy your coffee with Econ Guy. Hope he is nice. Yay! that Mr. Coffee is back. Wow after a long trip he is coming to see you as soon as he gets a chance. Now that is nice! ...Sigh....

Julia said...

Sounds like a very very busy weekend. Hope Sunday night makes up for all the bad parts, many times over.

mlg said...

Life goes on. In the end that is what it is. The good the bad and the living of life.

Keen said...

Good luck with the work this weekend--hope you're not a slave to it! I know that feeling all too well. It's one of the reasons I like interpreting better than translating, when I interpret, I'm done speaking when the speaker is done speaking. With translations, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!! This is NOT an hateful comment!! I whine about my job all the time.... but just earlier this week I decided that it is time to "suck it up" and do my job - no complaining, keep my head low and produce, produce, produce!! In this economy nothing is certain... I'm glad you're needed at work - it's a good sign they need you to do work on weekends. Consider it a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Wow - you are a busy woman!

Glad Mr. Coffee will be back soon, glad the toilet is working ... as far as the Tango-Man, I must report that one of the "most interesting" (trying to be kind here) guys I have ever met was a tango afficianado. I think it could be an all-or-nothing deal ... and for the guy I knew it seemed to have become an obsession.

Not that they're all like that, but I am thinking your instincts are pretty right-on. Can't wait to hear all about it! leslie

courtney said...

Good luck with the dancer... although it sounds like things are going well enough with Mr. Coffee, lack of communication aside, that it's okay if it goes badly! Not that anyone wants a bad date.

Christine said...

Tried again and it bounced again. Can you email me at the email on my blog and I'll respond? Thanks!