07 October 2008

The Age of Whining

I'm whining about whining today over at How Do You Do It.


Susan said...

Hey Snic....your right about age and phase but I have to say...you still get "whining" in teenagers and then it REALLY gets on your bad side because you know they know better. But like you said, we all need a whiny day I guess. Riley still puts a smile on my face with his wanting to whine!


Kathryn said...

"They are not long, the days of whine and roses"
but goodness, they seem it at the time!
And Susan is right...it CAN go on for most unreasonable periods...indeed I spent this afternoon with a parishioner who is still in prime two year old whine mode at the advanced age of eighty something.
Clearly here mother was less effectual than you...

Pauli said...

Oy...I was just complaining to Mike yesterday that Ella's whining drove me nuts all day. We also say, "Please use a nice voice (or big-girl voice)" and sometimes it works. I also told Mike that I realize it's some sort of divine retribution, because I was a very whiny child, as my aunt reminds me often. That's no excuse to put up with it, but man, I felt sorry for my mom!

Kerrie said...

I'd rather deal with a dozen tantrums than a whine...!!!

Whiny children just grate on my nerves...someone mentioned it like being chalk on a blackboard...I nodded when I read that.

It is a phase and it will pass but by Gods it's hard to put up with until it does.

Do you find Maddie & Riley take their cues from each other...if one of them is whiny then the other will be too..??

Hang in there Honey...a wine or two works for adults at the end of a whiny day. I like gin too...!!!

Maria said...

I tried to comment on the original post but it went poof!

Anyway, my point was that doing the work now will make things easier down the road.

One thing I did was use "clear" voice instead of nice voice. For me it just seemed less subjective/emotional (maybe it just made me feel that way, which works too!) Sometimes I would pretend my ears were broken and couldn't understand them if they didn't speak in a clear voice.

Good luck!

Tiffany said...

I HATE whining! My daughter does it all of the time. My mom bought a book that I really don't like how it is written but it does give good examples of kids whining and it shows the mom telling the daughter to go to her room until she is ready to stop whining - it has worked for us. I showed Mikayla and me how often she does whine and now we quickly put a stop to it by telling her to go to her time out chair until she is ready to stop whining.

Anonymous said...

How about adults that say things in that whiney tone? I have to remind my husband to cut it out when he does it. Yea, it's grating on the nerves and a mentality that supports it goes along with it.

If you teach kids independence, will that eventually solve the whining?

kado said...

I'll tell you what worked for me (as a mom and as a first grade teacher). I began a 'whine-only day' where everyone (including myself) whined about everything. I patterned my personal whine from a character on SNL and would cheerfully whine every bit of communication to everyone. At first, the kids were amused and had fun whining back. After a while, they got tired of doing it, but, since it was Whine Day, we continued. If they whined about having to whine, so much the better - they were playing the game perfectly. Talk about taking the fun out of whining. The key to this is to stay cheerful - it will make it more fun for you! Anyway, you might want to try this - whining is much more entertaining than fussing! BTW, this did help the situation!