18 July 2008

Three Ways Riley Has Woken Me Up This Week

[at 6:40 a.m., in a tone of glee, wonder, and surprise]
"I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!"

[at 4:30 a.m., in a tone of mild panic]
"I wanna go park!"

[at 6:05 a.m., as a polite request]
"I wanna eat a muffin."

Last night, I had dinner with some friends. I left the husband of one of my friends on baby duty, and I departed after all had been silent on the monitor front for about ten minutes. Alas, I left too soon, and Riley commenced screaming about five minute after I walked out the door. By the time K. got in touch with me to ask what to do and I got home to try to fix the situation, Riley had cried himself to sleep. This morning, Riley and I had this conversation:

"Riley, were you crying last night?"
[I feel relieved that he does not remember the incident, but then he continues]
"No, Mama. Riley screamin'!"

Sigh. Of course he seems none the worse for wear.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Rev Dr Mom said...

I love the wake up comments!

I have great respect for children's memories (my research was on autobiographical memory in young children) but I also know that the things that we think kids might remember later are often not what they actually DO remember. Chances are over time, the love and concern you shower on Riley are what he will remember far more than the times he cried (or screamed, as the case may be).

Theresa said...

I always love the kids comments. I feel for you with the wake ups. My youngest Mary wakes up at least once a night, she always says thank you mama when I conver her back up, don't know how I got such a polite little girl. Now my oldest Paige decided to wake up last night and ended up in my bed. Here is to our sanity.


buddha_girl said...

Buddha - every day:
"Mommy!!!!!!!!!!! I slept alllllllll night in my bed. It's daytime. No more sleeping!"

Slays me especially when 'daytime' is 6am.

I have to agree with rev dr mom - Riley will most certainly recall the amazing love he's steeped in on a daily basis.

Julia said...

Most excellent self-awareness. He was not in trouble, he was pissed off. :)
Happy weekend.

OTRgirl said...

I know I shouldn't be, but I'm laughing right now, "No, Riley screaming!"

I had one of those babysitting incidents. As soon as the door closed behind his parents, he started screaming. He just stood by the door and sobbed. I did all my best distraction techniques and after 30 minutes he calmed down enough to play. Poor kid, he's 20 years old now and I still have to remind him of it. (But then, I'm sure I'm much more mean than your friend's husband!)

Sandi said...

I was once woken up by my daughter yelling, "Mommy, you big dope, I awake, come get me."

Lyndsay said...

Sounds like my 3-year old! She had a stomach bug yesterday - I said something like "oh honey, you weren't feeling well yesterday were you?" and she said, "No mom, I felt AWFUL! I throwed up on Grandma." Like duh, mom.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

My daughter has been waking me up at around 4 a.m with "Mom...Mom...Come in here please." When I go in she says, "Mama. When sun wakes up we go to park, right?"

You have my full sympathy!

Nina said...

oh =( I hope you got to enjoy part of your night out at least!

Cheryl Lage said...

Love me some Rev. Dr. Mom!

My least favorite wake up line: "Mommy, I think I'm going to spit the iccky."

Eeeesh. :(

Hope all sleep well in your house tonight!
(and by the way, the addition of the SRS is A-OK by me, :) )

jenn3 said...

Too cute! Hope your babies start sleeping better than mine. My almost-two-year-old has been waking up every hour for the last week. I'm about to go insane!