20 June 2008

Almost Two!

Maddie and Riley will be two on Sunday.





I am having a little party action for them a week from their birthday; the timing just worked out better that way. I had not actually planned to do anything on their real birthday, but as it would happen a few things have just sort of fallen into place:
  • a good friend is coming to visit for the weekend
  • said friend is a baker; who better with whom to whip up some birthday cupcakes to enjoy on Sunday and bring to daycare on Monday?
  • both kids are suddenly obsessed with muffins, and Riley put the idea in my head to make blueberry muffins for Sunday breakfast
  • I ran errands at lunch and totally randomly saw something that the kids have been wanting for ages; had to buy it
So nothing big, nothing major, but a few little birthday things to mark the day, two years ago, when the twins arrived.

A few snippets from our house lately:

[upon seeing some new construction toys in the backyard]
Maddie: "This a backhoe! This a dump truck! This a snack maker!"
Me: "A snack maker?"
Maddie [looking at me as though I were daft]: "This snack maker."
Me: Looks an awful lot like a bulldozer . . .

[during a diaper change]
Riley: "Touch it, penis?"
Me: "Go right ahead! It's all yours."
[touching, touching, touching]
Riley: "Take it off, penis?"
Me: "Um, that's not really advisable."

[noticing the scab on her skinned knee]
Maddie: "Maddie have jam knee! Clean it off?"
Me: "Why don't I just give it a kiss?"

[while shoveling sand into a bucket at the playground]
Riley [holding up large scoop of sand]: "Riley take a biiiiiiig bite!"

[at the playground]
Riley [face lit up with joy, lots of laughter]: "Riley like it, swings!"
[He has never been willing to get in the swings, but he was last week . . .]

[going down the front steps]
Maddie: "I see spider!"
M&R [singing]: "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout . . . "

[while out on an evening stroll through town]
M&R [singing loudly]: "Twinkle, twinkle, little STAR. How I wonder what you ARE."

[upon waking up from a nap before his sister]
Riley [whispering]: "YaYa still sleepin'."
Riley [yelling]: "Riley LOUD!!!! YAYA!!!! YAYA!!!! RILEY LOUD!!!!"

They kiss each other goodnight before they go to bed.

They can climb in and out of their carseats on their own.

They can put on their own sandals, albeit consistently on the wrong feet!

They are growing up.


Klynn said...

AWWW. Your whole post had me smiling and laughing out loud. They grow so fast. *sigh*

Rachel said...

Wow, can't believe they are going to be two! Time flies. Love the conversations, especially the penis one. Ha!

Colleen said...

It really seems like just yesterday that they were turning one! Happy Birthday to Maddie & Riley!

My name is Andy. said...

They sound adorable! Happy Birthday Maddie and Riley!

BrooklynGirl said...

Happy birthday kiddos!

(We've been muffin obsessed around here too. I invested in a mini muffin pan, and it's been great: small muffins that cook very quickly.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maddie and Riley! I am lucky to be among your slews of internet fans! You should start a clothing line... ;)

Nancy said...

Too Cute!! I was definitely smiling though the whole thing. And that whole boys and their penis thing...starts at a VERY early age ;) (We thought our son was going to drown himself when he discovered his in the bathtub. LOL)

Happy 2nd birthday! :)

Rev Dr Mom said...

Two!! Amazing.

I love the language snippets--listening to kids that age talk is wonderful.

buddha_girl said...

I LOVE that they're almost two and that you can look at their maturity and milestones with a smile on your face!

I remember when Buddha discovered his penis...he calls it his Pman. I always respond, "It's yours. Forever."

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins EVER!

Kristin.... said...

Happy birthday to the twins! Mine will be 2 in January. It's such a fun age!

Keen said...

Such cute comments by the twins.

Cupcakes are definitely in order. And maybe a special birthday breakfast? I have a plan.

Off to the Greyhound depot!

Jenn said...

Too cute. I didn't realize how close in age our twins are. Mine will be two on August 1.

Prophecy Girl said...

Happy Birthday! We share the same birthday... only I'm all of 29 years older than they are. ;)

Lisa Sipka said...

Oh man. Happy birthday, sweet Maddie and Riley. From someone who has never met you or your mom, but has come to know and love you anyway. Praise be to the internets. Enjoy your muffins and cupcakes, you Big Kids!!

moo said...

Gosh, the time REALLY flies!

Grayson, who will be 2 in August, is also enamoured of his penis lately. Must be the age!

baby~amore' said...

This made me smile. LOL at penis !

R & M are talking so well. My twins are 2 on 1st July and they don't talk nearly as well.

Alison C said...

Happy Birthday!!

winecat said...

NO WAY, 2 already! Happy Birthday Maddie & Riley.

Saying from your house are so, so sweet!

OTRgirl said...

Very cute stories! You'll be glad to have them written down later.

In response to the previous post: I love how you're handling having two very different kids and how much care and concern you have to be such a great mom to them.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your little ones!

Lucky said...

Happy Birthday Twins! Today is my daughter's 2nd birthday too. I wrote this blog post http://everythingness.blogspot.com/
with you in mind, thinking about how often you are somewhere alone with your kiddos, and how it must be hard to feel like an adult in those situations.
Again, you just have me in awe.
Celebrate big today!

Bostongirl said...

They are so sweet. Enjoy their birthday!

Threeundertwo said...

So cute! I forgot, mine used to kiss eachother goodnight too. When did that stop? It's possibly one of the cutest things in the world.

another karen said...

happy birthday maddie and riley!

all the best,

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Maddie and Riley - and lots of love for their amazing mum too. Enjoy the day and the company of your friend x

Kizz said...

Happy Birthday You Fabulous Little People!

Susanna said...

Happy Birthday Twins! Two is a lot of fun. Also, a LOT of questions. . . Enjoy!

~lifedramatic~ said...

Happy Birthday Maddie and Riley!!!

Hugs to mom on this special day.

I'm so happy you are keeping tabs on them and remembering those precious conversations through your blog.

I hope I have the discipline to record those moments when I have children some day.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Babies!!!!

Hugs and kisses from strange crazy internet lady!!

Annagrace said...

Happy Birthday, twins! Two is fun--can't even imagine two @ two, though...the speed and intensity of one can make me more interested than I should be in those scary, chemical "energy" drinks.

And oh, yeah--it was me who was reading you all night long. Couldn't sleep so I went back through your archives and then I didn't close anything down before sleeping. Just in case you were suddenly leery of moving back to this coast cause, um, stalker...:)

T & J & V said...

Hahaha! I love it. All your little conversations are too cute, I can't wait until my little one starts talking too.

Julia said...

I can't believe I missed their birthday! My excuse is my sister was getting married that day, and the attendant crazy house took much of everything else right out of my head.

The quotes are completely adorable. Just like the kids are. And yes, so very grown up.