14 May 2008

Idol Top 3: My Take (It or Leave It)

I took the moral high road and had dinner with my in-laws after the kids went to bed, but I still managed to see the second and third round of performances as they happened last night and to find the first round on YouTube before I went to bed. From the looks of things, Round 1 was the strongest set by far, so I'm bummed that I missed it live, but so be it. Here are my thoughts:

David A.: I thought "And So It Goes" was the best thing you've done since "Imagine." Kudos to Paula for picking such a perfect song for you. (Full disclosure: I absolutely adore that song.) Your song pick? Forgettable. What was it again? See? And the Dan Fogelberg? Before Simon even made his comments, I turned to my friend and said, "Why did they pick a song that makes a seventeen-year-old kid sound like an old fogey?" So one great, two OK, and we'll see you next week for the Battle of the Davids.

Syesha: I actually didn't watch your Round 1 on YouTube because I didn't care. I thought "Fever" was fine. That's what I always say about you: fine. Frankly, I was distracted during "Fever" by how short and transparent  your dress was. There was a lot of backlighting shining through that silvery skirt. The song the producers chose for you was awful, although your performance was . . . fine. Fine is not going to cut it this week. You're gone.

David C.: I liked 'em all. Even if David A. wins it all with the teenybopper vote, you're poised to make a great record. Your creativity didn't come through as much on this round, but your performances were solid and enjoyable. 

Bring on the Battle of the Davids! I can't wait. I will be *pissed* if there is some upset and Syesha is around next week. In fact, I was so worried about that possibility that for the first time ever, I voted last night, twice. Once for Archuleta, once for Cook. I did my part. Let's see what happens tonight. Hopefully I'll be home from book club in time to catch the end of the results show.


Anonymous said...

I can't seem to look at David A. without being reminded of his "backstage" father and how demanding he is. To me, David A. seems like a really scared young kid. He's GOT to win - or Daddy dearest will get him for it. I just feel totally sorry for him. David Cook, on the other hand, is a true rocker and will come out OK no matter what. I hope David A's birthday comes soon, so that he will be 18 and free from his "backstage" "wish it could have been me" father.

Snickollet said...


I haven't been following all of the backstage manager/dad stuff in the news, but from the bit I've heard, I can see why you're concerned. I hope David A. is able to get out from under that and have a great career.


Arwen said...

I really don't see David A. really wanting to win. I don't see his heart in any of his songs. To borrow a phrase from Amadeus, he sounds (to me) like an extremely well trained monkey. He is very good but I won't die if he decides to quit singing tomorrow. I actually thought that Longer was his strongest performance because I really think that the genre is where he's going. Sappy, teenage love and wedding music. Top 40, no; every wedding from here to eternity, yes.

Syesha was obviously pre-auditioning for her Broadway career.

I liked David C's performances but wasn't blown away as much as usual. I tried to vote (on two different phones) for two hours and didn't get through once... that's gotta be a good sign!

Anonymous said...

I have been so disenchanted with this season of idol. Very few good performers. It's just a lot of karaoke. I have NO idea why Syesha is still around; to me, she is no better than that horrible Christy Lee was. As for David A., he may have a decent set of pipes but it seems all he can do is sing out-of-date ballads. He'll be best suited to a boy band-friendly style, and ten years from now be entirely forgotten. Cook is the only one with "real" performance potential. And I was never a Cook fan, so that's not just me picking favorites!

- Andrea

Giovanna said...

Hmmm, wonder if Kath will put it on in the background tonight. Dude, I'd even watch it muted.
Ahhh, better set my dvr

Becky said...

You have to get DVR. It's definitely worth the extra 10 or 15 bucks a month to not have to be tied to a TV schedule.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i agree...on to the battle of the davids.

OTRgirl said...

I have to say, everyone seemed tired last night. From Ryan to the judges and definitely the contestants. Even David C sounded the same as himself in all three songs. Normally I look forward to the creative spin he puts on the music and it just wasn't there. I liked that Sayesha was having fun, but it should definitely be the Davids duking it out.

Holly said...

and so we welcome the "dueling davids"

HTmom said...

Ditto the need to get DVR. We only got in recently, and it has changed my life. Not expensive either--plus the cable companies are always running "specials" so you could probably get your total monthly bill lowered and get DVR on top of it just by calling to see what current packages they're offering. I call comcast every time our "introductory rate" goes up and they always have a new special.