09 April 2008

Idol Top 8: My Take (It or Leave It)

[For those of you who are not Idol fans or who live outside the US and don't get Idol (gasp!), there's a more substantive and advice-seeking post below.]

Still reeling from the aftershocks that Neil was not on Idol last night, I was surprised to enjoy the show as much as I did. I felt like no one was great but no one was terrible. Also, I was so distracted by Paula's boobies that I had a hard time focusing on the singers!

Michael: Not your best. I must disagree with Paula: you looked better than you sounded. And what's up with the ascots? Two weeks running now with the ascots. Odd.

Syesha: You are always better than I think you'll be, but never sublime. Choosing a Fantasia song was not wise. Bottom three.

Kristy Lee: Why, oh why did America not get rid of you during Beatles week? Why? Now we are forced to endure sparkly tank tops and good but not great singing. Will this perhaps be your last time in the bottom three?

David C.: You suffered from having been so good for weeks running that this perfectly OK performance actually sounded pretty bad. Loved the hand sign at the end though. Inspired.

David A.: Thank you for not choosing "We Are the World." I was really fearful that you would do that to me, and that I would throw up a little in my mouth when you did. Instead, nice song and very solid performance.

Carly: What are you so mad about? Why can you not have fun? This whole Idol experience just seems really painful for you, which makes you hard to like even though I really want to. Bottom three.

Jason: Best of the night. Perfect song for you, and it takes a special guy to feel comfortable playing that little tiny ukulele in front of millions. The pants, though, still need work. And those white shoes! Dude, it looked like you were wearing cruise ships on your feet!

Brooke: Love the song. Would still love to be your friend, even if that performance was on the dull side.


Smileygirl said...

yep I agree!

I forgot about Michael though. How could I miss him? He's so cute but I wasn't in love with this performance.

NanarocksWeen said...

I, personally, couldn't stomach Jason's "Over the Rainbow" because I love Israel's version so much. Check out: Somewhere Over the Rainbow , Israel Kamakawiwo'ole from the album Alone in IZ World
and you'll see what I mean. It takes you somewhere "over the rainbow" in your head and heart because it's so beautiful.
I also thought David Cook (MY fav) got a little cocky with all the "rah rah, good job" plaudits that he didn't do quite as well this week. I REALLY loved his "Billy Jean."
Thanks for your Idol updates, Snick. It's fun to see what YOU think. (Oh, and the Carole King song was from my generation - a song I used to sing to my baby girl, 37 years ago, so I couldn't handle Brook's rendition of that either).

I'm Still Me said...

I'm not much of an Idol fan, but I am a huge fan of your weekly synopsis! I even watched it once while referring to your synopsis so that I'd know who you were talking about in the future. Thanks!

Becca said...

I agree that Jason was the best of the night. And I really agree about Paula's boobs. That top was a mistake... it just looked painful!

Mimi said...

Keep on with the ascots, if you ask me. Heck, wear nothing BUT ascots! Long live the ascot!

Anonymous said...

Not Carly's best, but I still like her. She does have an angsty feel, but I think that is just her. David A was off pitch though; some notes were just painful for me. And Jason totally surprised me. I've never liked him, but I could not deny that he was the best of the night!

- A

Katie said...

Love the Idol Updates!

Kate said...

As usual, I agree with each and every assessment. I hope Syesha or maybe Carly go home this week. Brooke's song choice was uninspired, but I hope she doesn't go home for it.

Kendra's mom said...

Here in SA we are a bit behind you. I am watching the top 10 girls and 10 guys losing 4 singers as I write. I am either going to have to stop reading your blog or use great willpower to skip over the Idols updates!! Although maybe it is not a bad idea to have the inside edge over my DH - all my predictions will be right!

Kerry Lynn said...

what the hell was up with paula's boobies??? who on earth said "yes, paula, you look fabulous"??? SO distracting.

I really want kristy lee to go home but I did think she did a good job with this week's song. she can't win though so it's hard to see her stay when people I really like leave. I'm so disapointed with this week's result :-( I was SO hoping that ryan was going to say that they weren't eliminating anyone.