16 April 2008

Idol Top 7: My Take (It or Leave It)

I was really skeptical about last night's show. I'm not a fan of her music, and I thought that the contestants were kind of being set up for failure. A friend summed it up best in an e-mail to me when she predicted that the comments would go something like this:

Randy: I don't know, man, it was just all right for me.
Paula: You look beautiful!
Simon: Bad choice of song. That song is too big for you. You just can't compare to Mariah.

To be sure, there was a lot of that (especially the beautiful comments from Paula [who, thank goodness, was not in danger of falling out of her top this week, although she did look like she was headed for the prom]). But overall I was pleasantly surprised by the performances.

Let's break it down.

David A.: OMG, were you wearing leather pants? Black leather pants? Seriously? You sang the heck out of that song, although it was a bit of the same ol', same ol'. The wardrobe change was nice and I love your voice, but I'm ready for you to break out of the mold.

Syesha: Talk about same ol', same ol' . . . every week you are good and every week there is nothing special about what you do. Bottom three.

Kristy Lee: Please go home, OK? I believe that Simon described you as wallpaper one week: just a little something nice in the background. I couldn't agree more. Is is me, or were you groping Ryan Seacrest and looking at him with googly eyes after your performance? Bottom three.

Carly: I liked the restraint at the beginning and I like that the eyes were not a-poppin'. I thought this was one of your best performances.

Brooke: You were charmingly nervous. I thought the acoustic vibe really worked, and in fact I've been listening to your performance on YouTube. I fear, though, that you could be in the bottom three.

David C.: I have to confess that last night I didn't really get this performance. But I've listened to it a few times this morning and it gave me chills. And the tears at the end! That felt genuine to me. You pretty much have this competition wrapped up and won.

Jason: I think Mariah was grossed out by your dreads. As for your performance, I'd eat poi to go to a luau where you perform. 

Here's David Cook's performance of "Always Be My Baby."


NanarocksWeen said...
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NanarocksWeen said...

Blogger NanarocksWeen said...

I think David Cook's tears were a combination of the song, the great reviews, and his brother, who has brain cancer, being in the audience.
He's amazing... and I'll definitely buy his songs.

liz smith said...

I take it. You were right on. David C is growing on me and David A is getting predictable (I still love him and being from Utah I have my allegance)

Brooke looked nervous. But I love her voice. I fear bottom three.

My bet is Syesha or Carly. But I don't like Kristy Lee. However, I am still in shock about last week.

The Whitsitt Family said...

Woohoo! Go, David Cook! I think he'll get something out of this even if he doesn't win. I thought his tears were sweet.

Anonymous said...

There was an article yesterday (perhaps CNN, perhaps MSN) about David Cook's brother with recurrent brain cancer being flown on a private charter with a nurse and a medic - all financed by Adam Cook's friends. The tears were definitely genuine!

buddha_girl said...

Holy crap, what would I do without your Idol posts? You already know I don't watch that show - BUT I will be buying myself some David Cook when his shit comes out. Cripes.

I had chills when I was listening to his rendition.

Anonymous said...

Later, Christy Lee! Finally. Took long enough. I have to admit I'm just not all that thrilled with this season. Still a Carly fan, David Cook is good but still has some issues to work through...and the rest are totally forgettable in my mind. Blah.

- A

Christine said...

David is amazing. So glad Crappy Lee Cook finally got the boot.

Jolene said...

haha! I LOVE your Idol reviews...because really, you type exactly what I'm thinking! haha! I vote Snick to be the honorary Idol judge...or can you please just replace Paula? :) Glad you got through the weekend. My thoughts are with you always.

Melissa in TN said...

I just love David Cook. He is definitely a breath of fresh air, as Simon said. I love how he makes the songs unique. Who would imagine he could rock a Mariah Carey song like that or turn "Billie Jean" or "Hello" into awesomely cool songs?

I still can't believe Kristy Lee called Simon "a butt." I'm so glad she is gone. I really got tired of seeing sparkly tank tops each week.