23 April 2008

Idol Top 6: My Take (It or Leave It)

I'm really not an Andrew Lloyd Weber fan, so I was not excited about last night. And overall, after the performances, I remained not excited.

Syesha: Every week you surprise me by being good. Loved the red dress, loved the sass. I could totally see you on Broadway and hear you singing a Disney movie song.

David A.: Great, great, great. I don't know what Mr. Lloyd Weber and his purple cords were telling you about not singing with your eyes closed, though. I think it's fine if your eyes are closed. Of course, I think it would be fine if your eyes were open. Great performance, great voice. And nice Members Only-influenced jacket.

Brooke: Yikes, butterfly girl. I give you props for starting and stopping; I thought that was very brave. But that was not your kind of song, it's not your kind of music, and your nerves really showed. Bottom three.

Jason: Double yikes! That was just painful. And dude, seriously, do not admit that you didn't know that the musical Cats was about, well, CATS. What did you think it was about? Also: seeing as this was clearly not your genre, do not pick one of the most famous musical numbers of all time. Too much to live up to. Bottom three, I'm afraid.

Carly: Rock it, baby. I thought that was your best performance yet. You looked like you were having fun, you'd clearly managed to pull the stick out of your ass, and your vocals were great.

David C.: I didn't hear the same "red hot molten lava bomb" that Randy did, I'm afraid. I thought you were out of tune and out of your element, but I blame the genre. And maybe my ears, since the judges disagreed.

I feel almost certain that Brooke and Jason will be in the bottom three, but I'm not sure who the third will be. It's getting down to crunch time.


Jen said...

hey dude..

i've been waiting to get internet access so that i can check your recap from last night. i missed the whole darned show! even my MOM sent me a txt asking if i saw dread's performance. at least i should be home tonight for the results show.. i'm currently sitting in orlando being incredibly irritated that i missed the 3pm flight and have to wait another 2 hours.. urgh! now i'm off too youtube to check out the performances.. thank goodness for that!

OTRgirl said...

I have to admit, I haven't been an Idol girl, but you've sucked me in. Your recaps and your YouTube links have dragged me over there.

I actually tried to get home last night in time to watch. I agree with your assessments. It made me realize what intense pipes any Broadway star has to have. Hardly any of them were up for it. Carly was and Little David. I think the final David only made it feel big cause he went high, instead of going low like Brooke, on the last note. End with a bang and you play off the middle stuff.

Pantheist Mom said...

I thought David C was really smart. He actually sang the song in the style that it was written - not FABULOUS, but certainly passable. So now he'll sail through to next week and has shown that he's not a one trick pony. David A was good but disappointed me in turning it into the pop song he did. I've only heard him sing one style well. (I still want to pinch his cheeks though. He's a cutie-pie).

Syesha blew me away. She can get voted off any time 'cause I think she's got a future on Broadway somewhere.

Totally agree that Brooke and Jason will be in the bottom three. I'm guessing the third one will be Carly. I don't think she deserves it, but that's my guess.

(I always enjoy your recaps!)

Kerry Lynn said...

wow! I totally disagree about Brooke. I was completely shocked when the judges didn't like her. I thought she was so good! I thought last week her nerves showed. She was totally shaking.

yeah, didn't like jason.

Jane said...

My thing with the Idol phenomenon is that most, if not all, real life "idols" have stuck to one type of music. No one is all things to all people so to criticize contestants for not being good at one type of music seems a little unfair. Plus, I can only take one set of crazy judges in a week. :)
I think the singing with their eyes closed is a little creepy. It removes the connection (even if it's only a perceived connection) between the audience and the performer. I love me some Josh Groban but he does the same thing. Hard to watch him perform.

Anonymous said...

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