31 March 2008

Oddly Busy

I have actual work to do today! The updates will have to wait, but I have to pass along this link because I love this post.

For the record, I really dislike dogs and hope to never own one. I don't like to pet them, I hate it when they lick me, and I find that they usually smell foul. But just because I don't like dogs doesn't mean I don't like dog-owners!


Mel said...

Hey, thanks darling. Loved the Maddie poop chat by the way. Your twins has a birthday the day after my girlie and I sent masses of love to you last year cos I know it was extra bittersweet. Thinking of you extra this month and very proud of how you do this mommy thing solo and do it so well.

ccinnkeeper said...

Hey, I'm with you on the dog thing. Too smelly, too needy. The occasional exception is a cute puppy. As long as it belongs to someone else and I can give it back after a few minutes :)

I read the post you linked to. Every once in a while I consider starting a personal blog to help sort out some of the stuff I'm going through at the moment, but that post illustrates exactly why I don't. Some of the choices I've made or may make in the future would be sure to draw the ire of those who think differently from me. It is human nature to judge, but I try to hold off until I've walked a mile in their shoes (to coin a phrase).

Vacant Uterus said...

I loved Mel's dog post even though I really do like dogs myself.

And you can count me among the lurkers who liked Maddie's poopy pep talk, too. Self-starter, she is!


moo said...

I also dislike dogs. They are fine in small doses, but I hope to never, NEVER own one.

My plan is ... if my boy says he wants one, I will shuttle him off to his grandparents' house, where they have the MOST ANNOYING yappy beagle ever. It would cure most dog lovers of ever wanting to own another pet. Seriously.

Karyn said...

Okay, so I have a dog, love him, but I have to agree with you on most everything you said. :-) I just can't seem to live without them, though! I loved the blog you linked to also, and it so aptly described why I have kept my blog relatively impersonal and photo-laden. So many different people read it: my in-laws, my mom, local friends, etc., which keep me from saying certain things. I end up a bit paralyzed by thinking of my "audience." Adam says I need to get over that, but we'll see how the whole idea of a blog develops over time... In the meantime, thanks so much for reading it--and being so kind and helpful in the process! I always love hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I read that and was reminded two sisters I used to read who blogged and then I realized it was one of them! Small world.

I used to wonder how such thin-skinned people endured personal blogging but I've come to see they really do enjoy their fits of "rightous" indignation.

The fits became too repetitive for me, but I did think that link was funny (& I love my dogs!), so thank you for it.

mizasiwa said...

so cool this community reading thing going on all my favourite bloggers too!!
You are an amazing mom by the way and im glad your boy is sleeping better and i hope it stays that way - no luck on our side it would seem.
Keep well Miza

glove said...

Some people say the same thing about kids!

I personally love both, but feel copious amounts of guilt when my dog inflicts himself upon people who clearly aren't dog enthusiasts. The same could probably be said about kids in that context, too!

I also enjoyed that other post you linked to. But I cut myself off before reading too many of her archives - goodness, there's only so many of these a person can reasonably keep up with before a person's blog-reading can be said to be pathological and addictive in nature.

Maddie poops like a champ. That is a story for her wedding rehearsal dinner (or other similarly embarrassing venue).

kabbage said...

I honestly hope you never own a dog, too. There is no reason a person who dislikes dogs should own one, as it will typically be unfair to both human and dog, esp. the latter since the dog has no say in who it lives with. No one should be living with someone who resents its existence.

My college roommate and I are very different. I love my dogs and have no desire to live with children. She loves her children and has no desire to live with dogs. She stopped by while on a trip with kids in tow and I asked her not to let the kids in my house because one of my dogs is afraid and will snap if cornered. I was down in her area a few years later and we agreed I would not stay with her because she doesn't allow dogs in the house. We still care for each other. We just accept that we have different priorities.

She told me they were thinking about getting a dog, and I wrote her a whole list of reasons not to get a dog. To treat a social animal like a dog properly takes a lot of time and attention. Much like raising a social animal like a child.